cdnjs is a free content delivery network (CDN) that specializes in delivering JavaScript libraries to web developers. A CDN is a network of servers located all around the world that help to accelerate web content delivery by caching frequently accessed files and serving them from a server located closer to the user. The main advantage of using a CDN such as cdnjs is that it can significantly improve website performance for users located far away from the website's origin server. This is because the CDN caches the website's static assets, such as images, CSS files, and JavaScript libraries, on multiple servers located around the globe. When a user requests a page from the website, the CDN serves the cached files from the server closest to the user, reducing latency and improving loading times. In addition to providing improved website performance, cdnjs offers a number of other benefits to web developers. The service is completely free and open source, meaning that developers can use it without any restrictions or licensing fees. The library collection is extensive, with over 4,000 JavaScript libraries available for use. Developers can easily search for and include the libraries they need in their projects, saving time and effort over manually downloading and hosting the libraries on their own servers. Overall, cdnjs is a valuable tool for web developers looking to improve website performance and simplify library management.

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How to use cdnjs

Using CDNJS is a straightforward process. First, you need to navigate to the CDNJS website and search for the library that you wish to use. You can either browse through the categories or use the search feature to find the library.

Once you have found the library, click on it to open its page. On this page, you will see information about the library, such as its latest version, license, and dependencies. You will also see links to the different files that make up the library.

To use the library, you need to add a link to one of these files to your HTML document. The link should be placed in the head section of your document, before any other scripts that depend on the library. Copy the link by clicking on the clipboard icon beside it, and paste it into your HTML code.

It is important to note that the link should be added with the correct protocol (http or https) depending on your site's security settings. If your site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), you should use the https protocol.

Once you have added the link to your HTML code, save the file and upload it to your web server. When users access your website, their browser will automatically download the library from the CDNJS server. This means that your website will load faster, as users do not need to wait for the library to be downloaded from your server.

CDNJS has a wide range of libraries available, from popular frameworks like jQuery and React, to lesser-known tools and utilities. By using a CDN, you can ensure that your website is always using the latest version of the library, without needing to manually update it yourself.

In summary, to use CDNJS:

  1. Navigate to the CDNJS website and search for the library you want to use.
  2. Click on the library to view its page and copy the link to the file you need.
  3. Add the link to your HTML code, in the head section of your document.
  4. Save and upload your HTML file to your web server.
  5. Enjoy faster loading times and always up-to-date libraries on your website.

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