Companies using sNews

sNews is an open-source, lightweight, and flexible Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. It allows users to publish content on websites easily without needing advanced technical skills. sNews focuses on providing a minimalist approach to website management with a simple administration panel that can be used to create, edit and delete pages, add custom fields, manage comments, and change the overall appearance of the website. It also features a built-in caching system that optimizes website loading times by storing frequently accessed data in memory. sNews is designed to be easy to install, configure and use, making it a suitable choice for individuals or small businesses that need a simple yet powerful CMS for their websites. Its modular architecture allows developers to extend the functionality of the system by building custom plugins, widgets, or themes. The latest version of sNews is 1.7, released in 2008, but it continues to be available for download and use.

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36 companies are currently using sNews



energy unites people

23 Employees$46K - $5K$90K france7%Export
Gamma Communications

good together

89 Employees$38K - $14K$81K netherlands70%Export

depuis 2012, agripower fr..

25 Employees$27K - $38K$62K france76%Export

96 Employees$27K - $6K$85K france44%Export
ACTUS finance & communica..

39 Employees$23K - $14K$92K france92%Export
SypSec Solutions, LLC

4 Employees$12K - $23K$53K united states ..33%Export
TIB advies

11 Employees$15K - $16K$69K netherlands21%Export
Altur Investissement

7 Employees$48K - $26K$92K france51%Export
Farsnews Agency

iran's leading independen..

75 Employees$16K - $19K$59K iran, islamic ..60%Export
Owens Business Machines, ..

8 Employees$22K - $46K$80K united states ..41%Export
WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd

smart solutions adding va..

2 Employees$43K - $40K$95K australia26%Export
transiTALK Transportation..

1 Employees$32K - $18K$64K united states ..69%Export
Ditho Construct

4 Employees$40K - $29K$69K belgium28%Export

Training | Project Manage..

1 Employees$29K - $45K$69K united states ..88%Export
Foncière VOLTA

1 Employees$30K - $29K$63K france57%Export

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Using sNews for finding leads

The carefully curated list of companies utilizing sNews plays a significant role in lead prospecting. Being a versatile CMS, sNews is embraced by diverse businesses across various industries. Sales teams can leverage this list as an essential resource to identify, analyze, and approach potential clients.

The tangible value of this list is multifaceted. It not only provides a snapshot of potential clients but also presents an overview of current market preferences, thus saving valuable time for sales professionals. Equipped with information about these sNews adopters, sales teams gain necessary insights to tailor their pitching strategies better, increasing the chances of successful engagements.

Moreover, sales teams can study these companies for cues on their technological needs and how well they've been met, giving them an edge while planning their approaches. Indirect insights drawn from such analysis can be instrumental in mapping future prospects and understanding where a company's offering might fill a void.

Understanding which companies use sNews can help sales teams prospect better. It could allow the identification of key sectors where sNews has significant usage, the firm size that prefers it, and to what extent it’s being utilized. Consolidating these findings can ultimately help a sales team strategize its offerings more effectively, leading to enhanced prospecting outcomes.

Lastly, this list not only assists in locating hot leads quickly but also helps understand the competitive landscape better. By analyzing the client portfolio of sNews, sales teams are better positioned to evaluate their standing and devise strategies to outperform.

To sum it up, this list of companies using sNews proves to be an invaluable tool assisting sales teams in identifying the potential market, enhancing their approach strategies, understanding the competition, and eventually, accelerating their lead prospecting efforts.

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