Companies using Smartling

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management system that helps businesses to streamline their translation processes. With Smartling, businesses can manage translations of their digital content from one central location. This platform allows users to manage translation workflows, automate translations, and track translation progress in real-time. Smartling integrates with various content management systems and e-commerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to connect with their existing technology stack. Additionally, Smartling provides translation memory and machine translation capabilities, allowing businesses to translate content faster and more accurately. This platform also offers a range of professional translation services to ensure high-quality translations that are culturally appropriate and accurate. Overall, Smartling is an efficient and effective solution for businesses looking to manage their translation needs.

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6 companies are currently using Smartling


Cattura Video™

#1 recording & webcasting..

6 Employees$34K - $12K$68K united states ..17%Export
Dentro da História

a felicidade de fazer par..

41 Employees$41K - $45K$82K brazil99%Export

61 Employees$8K - $8K$77K united states ..73%Export
AMP Global (Europe)

4 Employees$6K - $11K$93K cyprus65%Export
New Tek Manufacturing Inc..

- Employees$12K - $10K$94K united states ..72%Export

- Employees$37K - $38K$61K united kingdom..35%Export

Using Smartling for finding leads

This page provides a valuable list of companies employing Smartling, a cloud-based translation management system. The data serves as a credible source for sales teams seeking to identify potential clients interested in translation and localization services. Firms leveraging Smartling are clearly keen on expanding their global reach, ensuring high-quality translations, and intending to provide a seamless user experience across multiple languages.

On this page, sales teams can view a network of companies already appreciative of the benefits offered by an effective translation management system like Smartling. These companies could harbor a potential interest in related services, auxiliary tools, or complementary technologies that enhance their current processes. Capitalizing on this information, sales professionals can pinpoint enterprises that are more likely to value their offerings. It becomes feasible to create more personally tailored, relevant proposals, contributing to an elevated success rate in prospecting.

Moreover, the list facilitates competitive analysis for businesses providing similar translation solutions as Smartling. Teams can use it to decipher the competitive landscape, understand industry trends, and discover new markets. By determining which industries and types of companies are making use of Smartling, they can spot patterns in its usage. This aids in forming potential sales strategies.

The selected group of companies given on this page also acts as a reservoir of case studies and success stories. Evidence of successful implementation of Smartling might serve as a powerful convincing tool during the sales process.

In short, the list of companies using Smartling can shape a refined lead generation strategy. It empowers sales teams to target the right prospects, understand the competition, learn from successful examples, and ultimately drive more effective conversations and conversions.

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