ConveyThis is a website translation service that allows website owners to easily translate their websites into multiple languages. With ConveyThis, website owners can easily reach a global audience by providing their content in the language of their visitors. ConveyThis offers an easy-to-use platform that automates the translation process, making it simple for website owners to translate all of their content with just a few clicks. The service also provides a wide range of translation options, including machine translation, professional human translation, or a combination of both. One of the key benefits of ConveyThis is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing websites. Website owners can simply install the ConveyThis plugin or code snippet onto their website, and the translation process begins immediately. The integration is seamless, meaning that translations are automatically updated when changes are made to the original content. In addition to its translation services, ConveyThis also offers a range of tools to help website owners manage their multilingual sites. These include a translation editor for fine-tuning machine translations, a language switcher widget, and analytics to track visitor engagement across different languages. Overall, ConveyThis is a powerful and user-friendly service that makes it easy for website owners to expand their reach and connect with audiences around the world in their preferred language.

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669 Companies using ConveyThis


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Whiskey & Wealth Club

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61$50K - $16K$93K united kingdom..93%
Marina B

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secure thinking

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Quick Algorithm

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17$44K - $1K$4K italy76%
Jon Renau

the world’s leading inter..

81$34K - $40K$96K united states ..83%
BrewApps LLC

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12$42K - $45K$3K united states ..4%
Salex Systeemtechniek B.V..

e-commerce en 3pl automat..

2$36K - $41K$1K netherlands44%

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How to use ConveyThis

ConveyThis is a website translation service that allows you to easily translate your website content into multiple languages. Here's how to use ConveyThis:

  1. Sign up for an account: Go to the ConveyThis website and sign up for an account. You'll need to provide basic information like your name, email address, and password.

  2. Install the plugin: Once you've created an account, install the ConveyThis plugin on your website. The plugin is available for several popular website platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.

  3. Choose your languages: After you've installed the plugin, you can choose which languages you want to translate your website into. ConveyThis offers support for over 100 languages, so you're sure to find the ones you need.

  4. Customize your translations: ConveyThis uses machine translation technology to provide initial translations, but you can customize them to make them more accurate and natural-sounding. You can also add or remove specific phrases or words.

  5. Publish your translations: Once you're happy with your translations, publish them on your website. Visitors will automatically see your website in their preferred language based on their browser settings.

  6. Monitor your translations: ConveyThis provides analytics tools that allow you to monitor how your translations are performing. You can see which languages are most popular, which pages are getting the most traffic, and more.

Overall, ConveyThis makes it easy to translate your website into multiple languages so you can reach a wider audience. With its user-friendly interface and powerful customization options, it's a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

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