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GTranslate app is a tool that can translate any website to any language automatically. It allows users to access content on websites that are not in their native language by translating them into the language they understand. The app works by detecting the language of a website and then translating it into the desired language. GTranslate supports multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and many more. With this app, users can easily browse and understand content on international websites without the need for manual translation.

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2,163 companies are currently using GTranslate app



empowering elderly and de..

23 Employees$14K - $3K$74K spain13%Export
Lone Design Club

go-to place to discover c..

20 Employees$29K - $48K$77K united kingdom..3%Export

raven enables businesses ..

26 Employees$28K - $36K$69K united states ..69%Export
VI Peel

our mission is to help pe..

73 Employees$8K - $8K$80K united states ..43%Export
Magswitch Technologies

at every step of the way

45 Employees$11K - $25K$56K united states ..42%Export

official simulators of al..

19 Employees$24K - $39K$86K australia95%Export
Lab Alley

leading supplier of essen..

26 Employees$37K - $39K$66K united states ..62%Export
Vuzix Corporation

111 Employees$39K - $2K$88K united states ..11%Export
ahead® | The Human Perfor..

join us on our mission to..

34 Employees$25K - $19K$59K germany95%Export
Happy Ocean Foods

plant-based seafood - del..

10 Employees$16K - $13K$88K germany83%Export
Siren Marine, Inc.

siren marine is the indus..

17 Employees$32K - $25K$75K united states ..21%Export

we set out to craft a lin..

12 Employees$23K - $27K$62K united states ..29%Export

dutch crafted e-bikes

16 Employees$2K - $34K$55K netherlands

click learn more to find ..

27 Employees$45K - $46K$58K united states ..90%Export
KAVU True Outdoor Wear

there is no place like th..

22 Employees$7K - $11K$84K united states ..52%Export

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Using GTranslate app for finding leads

The compilation of companies on this page, harnessing the power of the GTranslate app, offers immense value to sales teams searching for promising leads. This list serves as a wide-ranging database of potential business contacts, expanding horizons beyond language barriers, and enables efficient prospecting in international markets.

Offering a unique combination of advanced translation features, the GTranslate app is an attractive tool utilized by businesses far and wide, seeking to break down barriers and reach international audiences. Companies investing in such technology are signaling their intent to expand globally - becoming ideal prospects for multiple industries, like global logistics, international marketing, language localization services, and more.

Sales teams can leverage this list by reaching out to these businesses with a high potential for growth, offering products or services that can further support their global expansion. Drawing from insights about which companies use GTranslate, teams can easily tailor pitches and demos to show how their services can complement the use of GTranslate, enhancing the lead nurturing process, and accelerating conversion rates.

This comprehensive list, brimming with companies on the frontier of globalization, forms an invaluable asset for sales teams striving for efficiency and effectiveness in their lead generation efforts. Leveraging it in their prospecting tools, they can quickly identify and approach valuable leads that align with their product/service offerings, eliminating extensive manual research and potential missed opportunities.

Here is a quick look at the GTranslate app for those interested in understanding the technology these companies are investing in. However, the ultimate value lies not in the technology itself but in the versatile, globalized companies it services, poised for exponential growth and diverse sales opportunities.

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