Companies using Shiny

Shiny is an R package that allows developers to create interactive web applications directly from R. With Shiny, data analysts and scientists can write code in familiar R syntax and easily create web-based dashboards, tools, and visualizations.

Shiny uses reactive programming to dynamically update the application when input values change. This means that users can interact with visualizations and data inputs and see results in real-time. The package includes a range of user interface components such as sliders, checkboxes, and text inputs, making it easier for developers to create intuitive web interfaces.

Shiny also supports HTML widgets, which are interactive graphical representations of data such as maps or charts. Developers can integrate these widgets into their Shiny applications to provide more advanced visualization capabilities.

Overall, Shiny is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to build web applications from within R, without needing to learn additional web development skills.

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15 companies are currently using Shiny


RiskCede - Bespoke Data S..

3 Employees$21K - $48K$93K south africa78%Export
Place Analyzer

herramienta de avalúo de ..

2 Employees$47K - $27K$76K paraguay52%Export

Knowledge power your busi..

4 Employees$31K - $32K$99K croatia22%Export

1 Employees$46K - $5K$69K mexico1%Export

Automatically generated p..

2 Employees$36K - $11K$62K poland37%Export
Zicht op Ondermijning

samen dragen we bij aan d..

8 Employees$37K - $19K$83K netherlands47%Export

r for everyone

1 Employees$13K - $49K$98K united states ..94%Export
Opal Miner

1 Employees$44K - $47K$70K australia74%Export

Monitoring, Evaluation, D..

1 Employees$22K - $15K$60K -74%Export

2 Employees$13K - $31K$57K -74%Export

tnmplot is a differential..

- Employees$36K - $39K$73K hungary66%Export

- Employees$46K - $47K$67K türkiye27%Export

Investment Research platf..

- Employees$10K - $8K$89K -43%Export

CompanyMatcher is a platf..

- Employees$8K - $14K$83K türkiye32%Export

- Employees$43K - $4K$61K -75%Export

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Using Shiny for finding leads

The list of companies using Shiny is a valuable resource for any sales team looking to identify potential leads. It provides a clear and detailed overview of the organizations leveraging this technology, demonstrating their commitment to advanced, interactive web applications for their R-based data analyses. This gives an immediate indication of the companies that value robust data solutions and are likely to be interested in products that enhance their data analysis capacities, accuracy or efficiency.

The list offers numerous key details that can vastly improve lead identification and prospecting strategies. It includes company verticals, sizes, revenue details, and technology stacks. With this information, sales teams can tailor their outreach, ensuring a highly targeted, strategic approach. By understanding the company size and revenue details, teams can assess the financial capability of organizations to see whether their product pricing aligns with the lead's budget.

Moreover, understanding a company's technology stack can offer insights into their tech maturity level and compatibility with new solutions being proposed. Gaining insight into the verticals that these companies operate in helps sales teams understand industry-specific pain points, which allows for better product positioning during presentations and pitches.

By seeing which companies already adopt Shiny, sales teams can identify trends, such as industries or business sizes where the technology is popular, and adjust their own target markets accordingly. A pattern of companies within a specific industry using Shiny could indicate a wider industry acceptance, and therefore, a more open market to penetrate.

The list also gives insight into how to better approach potential leads by studying the companies that already use Shiny, providing vital clues to the particular appeal of this web application framework to certain businesses. It can refine a sales team's angle of approach, optimizing the potential success rate.

Prospecting companies from the list can provide excellent business opportunities for sales teams. Companies employing Shiny have already demonstrated an investment in powerful data analysis tools, indicating a potential requirement for similar advanced products and services.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Shiny is a smart tool for sales teams, providing a wealth of information that they can leverage to identify quality leads, tailor their outreach more effectively, and bolster their sales strategies.

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