Companies using Scully

Scully is a static site generator that is designed to be used with Angular projects. It enables Angular developers to create websites that are optimized for the Jamstack architecture. With Scully, developers can generate pre-built HTML pages for their Angular applications, which helps improve website performance and reduce load times. This approach also allows websites to be deployed without the need for a server-side runtime environment. Scully works by pre-rendering Angular applications into static HTML files at build time, which improves website performance, since users can access pre-built pages instead of waiting for them to load dynamically. Additionally, Scully supports dynamic data fetching and routing in static sites, which makes it a useful tool for creating complex web applications. By leveraging Scully's capabilities, developers can create high-performance websites that provide a great user experience while maintaining the versatility of Angular.

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505 companies are currently using Scully



#disruptwithpurpose #righ..

11 Employees$14K - $39K$76K belgium60%Export

the world's first polymor..

28 Employees$27K - $2K$54K united kingdom..7%Export
Relativity Media

86 Employees$37K - $21K$90K united states ..28%Export
Meytier Inc.

our mission is making hir..

36 Employees$14K - $5K$67K united states ..64%Export

news . data . research

15 Employees$30K - $36K$85K united states ..85%Export

kalagato is a data-driven..

39 Employees$1K - $44K$98K india100%Export
A Contracorriente Films

mucho más que una distrib..

34 Employees$43K - $41K$93K spain5%Export

ict and business optimisa..

30 Employees$35K - $11K$92K belgium63%Export
Pahlisch Homes Inc.

bringing community home.

143 Employees$42K - $46K$51K united states ..
HUDI Human Data Income

data is the new gold and ..

38 Employees$5K - $47K$99K united kingdom..71%Export

home means everything.

5,421 Employees$41K - $45K$76K united states ..58%Export
Czinger Vehicles

revolutionary technology ..

126 Employees$39K - $49K$51K united states ..63%Export
TechCompose Solutions Pvt..

delivering effective solu..

46 Employees$12K - $45K$72K india33%Export

the world’s largest platf..

455 Employees$22K - $47K$60K norway34%Export
Honeycomb Insurance

real estate insurance rei..

80 Employees$37K - $35K$78K united states ..99%Export

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Using Scully for finding leads

The list of companies using Scully offers immense value for sales teams looking to find leads. This list is a treasure trove of targets that already understand the benefits of the Jamstack paradigm and are likely to consider solutions that boost their static site generation capabilities, given their use of Scully.

Sales teams can prioritize their outreach on the basis of the companies on this list. As these companies are already using Scully, they have displayed an openness to integrating novel web technologies into their Angular projects. Thus, this can be a ripe market for products or services that complement or augment Scully’s capabilities, be they analytics, security, content management, or user experience services.

Moreover, these companies likely have teams skilled in Jamstack technologies, and may be more willing than most to enter into discussions about further enhancements to their technological stack, speeding up the sales cycle.

By studying the industries represented on the list, sales teams can glean vital information about market trends. If companies from a particular industry are overrepresented on the Scully list, it might indicate that there's a growing trend in that sector towards using static site generators.

Furthermore, insights derived from this list can aid in lead segmentation, helping sales teams tailor their pitch for each industry sector or company size. This list can even initiate collaboration between sales and marketing departments to run targeted campaigns, greatly increasing the chances of conversion.

Pairing this list with additional research into each company's specific use of Scully could reveal valuable opportunities for selling complementary products and earning high-potential leads.

In essence, the list of companies using Scully provides an refined target audience, quickens the sales cycle, and offers insight into the market trends, forming an invaluable resource for finding sales leads.

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