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Cecil is a CLI application that generates static websites by merging plain text files, images, and Twig templates using PHP. The input files are written in Markdown format, which allows for easy content creation and editing. Cecil takes care of the generation and optimization of the website's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, making it easier to deploy and maintain the website. It is a great tool for creating blogs, personal websites, or small business websites. Cecil is open-source software that is free to use and can be installed on any server with PHP installed.

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8 companies are currently using Cecil


studio cecillie

studio de conseil techniq..

2 Employees$8K - $3K$82K france32%Export
F2 Limited

5 Employees$41K - $30K$63K united kingdom..94%Export
Bird Solutions

Digital solutions for sma..

1 Employees$44K - $40K$64K brazil23%Export

Sites statiques et archit..

1 Employees$36K - $48K$72K -32%Export

2 Employees$29K - $24K$99K united kingdom..33%Export

Your content driven stati..

- Employees$36K - $24K$77K -4%Export
Aperture Lab

Solutions numériques prag..

- Employees$10K - $15K$54K france92%Export
défi du Coeur

- Employees$33K - $15K$58K france45%Export

Using Cecil for finding leads

This curated list of companies utilizing Cecil carries immense value for sales teams seeking fresh, qualified leads. By providing a roster of firms that are already using Cecil, a dynamic PHP powered CLI application for generating static websites, it offers a starting point to identify potential business opportunities in the web technology space.

Creating and maintaining a static website calls for robust and reliable technology solutions. Companies listed here are evidently receptive to adopting such tools, implying they are likely open to exploring other web tech related offerings. Sales teams can leverage this information to pinpoint companies primed for their products or services, increasing the opportunity for successful outreach and conversion.

Additionally, the presence of a company in this list indicates its size, sophistication, and demand for web-related services. This information can assist sales teams in customizing their strategies to better suit the needs and business processes of the lead. By understanding the technology a company is already investing in, the sales teams can paint a clearer picture of the company's specific requirements and present their offerings in a way that meets these.

In short, this comprehensive list of companies using Cecil serves as a gateway to not only existing users of the technology, but also to a wider network of potential leads in the web technologies sector. It empowers sales teams with the knowledge to approach them with tailored, relevant pitches that resonate with their current technological needs.

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