Cecil is a CLI application that generates static websites by merging plain text files, images, and Twig templates using PHP. The input files are written in Markdown format, which allows for easy content creation and editing. Cecil takes care of the generation and optimization of the website's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, making it easier to deploy and maintain the website. It is a great tool for creating blogs, personal websites, or small business websites. Cecil is open-source software that is free to use and can be installed on any server with PHP installed.

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5 Companies using Cecil

F2 Limited

5$9K - $8K$0 united kingdom..15%
Bird Solutions

Digital solutions for sma..

1$34K - $26K$72K brazil33%
Aperture Lab

Solutions numériques prag..

-$24K - $17K$92K france90%

2$17K - $9K$0 united kingdom..90%
défi du Coeur

-$37K - $35K$52K france100%

How to use Cecil

Cecil is a powerful tool that can be used to create static websites by merging markdown files, images, and Twig templates. Here are the steps to use Cecil:

  1. Install PHP: Before you get started with Cecil, you need to install PHP on your computer. You can download PHP from its official website and follow the installation instructions.

  2. Install Composer: Cecil uses Composer to manage its dependencies. You can download and install Composer from its official website.

  3. Install Cecil: Once you have installed PHP and Composer, you can install Cecil globally using the following command:

    ``` composer global require cecil/cli ```
  4. Create a New Website: Now that you have installed Cecil, you can create a new website using the following command:

    ``` cecil init my-site cd my-site ```

    This will create a new directory named "my-site" and initialize it with the default configuration file.

  5. Add Content: Once you have created a new website, you can add content to it by creating markdown files in the "content" directory. You can also add images to the "static" directory.

  6. Customize Your Site: Cecil allows you to customize your site by modifying the Twig templates located in the "themes" directory. You can also create your own theme by adding a new directory to the "themes" directory.

  7. Build Your Site: After you have added content and customized your site, you can build your site using the following command:

    ``` cecil build ```

    This will generate a static version of your site in the "output" directory.

  8. Publish Your Site: Finally, you can publish your site by uploading the contents of the "output" directory to a web server or a hosting service.

By following these steps, you can use Cecil to create beautiful and responsive static websites quickly and easily.

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