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Scrivito is a content management system (CMS) designed for enterprise-level web applications. It follows the decoupled/headless architecture, which separates the frontend and backend functionalities to provide more flexibility in designing and developing web applications.

With Scrivito, developers can create custom websites using their preferred technologies and frameworks while non-technical users can manage the website's content with a user-friendly interface. As a headless CMS, Scrivito provides an API that delivers content as raw data, allowing developers to display the content in any format or device.

Scrivito also includes various features such as WYSIWYG editing, versioning, role-based access control, and multi-site support. It offers a cloud-hosted solution with high availability and scalability without requiring additional infrastructure.

Overall, Scrivito allows businesses to create and manage their web applications efficiently, giving them more freedom and control over their online presence.

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207 companies are currently using Scrivito


FP Mailing Solutions USA

122 Employees$16K - $37K$54K united states ..55%Export
JustRelate Group

re:invent digital relatio..

122 Employees$3K - $6K$70K germany99%Export
International Tennis Hall..

official linkedin page of..

89 Employees$13K - $27K$73K united states ..38%Export
Lufthansa Technical Train..

we take your mro expertis..

145 Employees$13K - $16K$61K germany3%Export

44 Employees$43K - $33K$69K india2%Export
Munich Airport


1,907 Employees$34K - $20K$52K germany79%Export
TVSMILES (Now part of Ver..

tvsmiles is on a mission ..

6 Employees$16K - $33K$56K germany84%Export
Büro am Draht GmbH

let's build your digital ..

56 Employees$22K - $15K$65K germany17%Export
Consors Finanz BNP Pariba..

banking mit uns heißt dei..

610 Employees$12K - $31K$83K germany38%Export
Thieme International

a leading medical publish..

222 Employees$29K - $23K$92K united states ..76%Export

future-proof product deve..

3 Employees$14K - $1K$92K germany86%Export

sibb e.v. - ict & digital..

25 Employees$49K - $13K$98K germany31%Export

labcampus is germany's nu..

14 Employees$2K - $30K$60K germany65%Export
Lufthansa Technik Middle ..

the better choice to keep..

69 Employees$5K - $43K$61K united arab em..18%Export
Pinuts digital thinking G..

the customer experience c..

25 Employees$17K - $31K$85K germany18%Export

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Using Scrivito for finding leads

The list of companies using the Scrivito web CMS software provides numerous benefits. It serves as a valuable resource for identifying potential leads, streamlining sales efforts, and generating high-quality prospects.

Sales teams can leverage this curated list to identify potential firms that can benefit from their services or products, especially if they're in the same or complementary market sector. With this list, salespeople can focus on organizations that have already recognized the importance of high-performing web CMS, such as Scrivito. These businesses are likely to place a high value in technology, implying they may be more receptive to solutions that improve their existing systems or processes.

Moreover, the Scrivito user list allows for strategic planning. It enables sales teams to understand the type of businesses investing in the Scrivito platform, their potential size, industry vertical, and other relevant factors. This knowledge supports data-driven decision making while giving insights into potential new markets that sales teams may not have previously considered.

Also, the list offers benefits for competitor analysis. It provides an overview of who's using Scrivito, enabling businesses to identify their direct and indirect competitors. Understanding the competitive landscape helps in tailoring the sales pitch to emphasize unique selling points effectively.

In conclusion, the list of companies adopting Scrivito CMS technology offers invaluable assistance to sales teams - It serves as a guiding route to locate potential leads, promote targeted pitching, drive strategic sales planning, and facilitates competitor analysis.

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