Companies using SaleCycle

SaleCycle is a global behavioral marketing firm headquartered in the UK. The company specializes in helping businesses to recover abandoned shopping carts, increase sales, and engagement through personalized email campaigns. SaleCycle's services are based on the behavior of site visitors, analyzing their actions such as adding items to a cart or abandoning a purchase to create targeted marketing strategies. This helps to drive conversion rates and sales for their clients. By tracking and analyzing the behavior of website visitors and customers, SaleCycle provides valuable insights into consumer behavior that enables businesses to optimize their marketing strategies effectively. With its expertise in email marketing and customer behavior analysis, SaleCycle has helped many businesses around the world to improve their online sales and engage with their customers more effectively.

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239 companies are currently using SaleCycle



add new performance marke..

135 Employees$45K - $44K$53K united kingdom..99%Export

cashmere with a twist

86 Employees$20K - $39K$63K france42%Export
Greentech Media

greentech media has been ..

39 Employees$4K - $13K$69K united states ..2%Export
We Are Knitters

50 Employees$16K - $45K$67K spain24%Export

vegan bio-based sneakers...

34 Employees$6K - $4K$65K spain23%Export
Joe & Seph's

joe & seph’s are an award..

28 Employees$10K - $33K$71K united kingdom..23%Export
Operation Homefront

serving america's militar..

240 Employees$20K - $7K$61K united states ..99%Export

click & fit® tyres

86 Employees$27K - $50K$83K united kingdom..2%Export
Taiga Motors

electrifying off-road pow..

275 Employees$36K - $9K$73K canada71%Export
Ganni A/S

b corp certified

472 Employees$9K - $5K$95K denmark95%Export

intimina: where intimacy ..

36 Employees$29K - $27K$91K sweden82%Export

cars near you, 24/7

443 Employees$50K - $18K$64K united states ..22%Export

join our #squadonamission..

1,562 Employees$4K - $18K$65K switzerland2%Export
Travelex Insurance Servic..

travelex protects the mom..

130 Employees$24K - $41K$59K united states ..94%Export
PowerAdvocate - now part ..

providing trusted data-dr..

53 Employees$16K - $46K$71K united kingdom..8%Export

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Using SaleCycle for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing SaleCycle technology serves as an invaluable asset for sales teams seeking potential leads in the market. It's a directory of businesses who understand and appreciate the power of behavioral marketing, implying a potential demand for similar or complementary services.

Firstly, the list equates to a pre-qualified lead source. The companies included are already utilizing advanced marketing tools like SaleCycle, underscoring their willingness to invest in advanced solutions. If a sales team is offering a product or service that aligns with or enhances behavioral marketing strategies, these companies may be viable prospects.

Secondly, this list can be used for competitive analysis. Sales teams can evaluate the competition, understand market trends, and determine gaps in the services that competitors are providing. This information can then be used to tailor the sales approach to highlight unique offerings or features of their product that the competition doesn't offer.

Finally, the list can be utilized for strategic partnerships. Sales teams can identify companies that could be potential partnership opportunities, either for cross-promotions or collaborative product launches. This expands the scope beyond just buyer-seller relationships, creating avenues for mutually beneficial business engagements.

In summary, this list of companies using SaleCycle helps create a much more targeted, strategic, and efficient sales process. It not only simplifies lead prospecting, but also uncovers avenues for partnerships and highlights opportunities to differentiate in the market.

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