Companies using Sailthru

Sailthru is a marketing automation software that offers multi-channel personalization solutions for ecommerce and media brands. It helps businesses to personalize their customer experiences across email, web, mobile, and social channels. With Sailthru, businesses can automate their marketing campaigns, segment their customers based on behavior and preferences, and deliver personalized content to their audiences. Sailthru also offers predictive analytics tools that help businesses to identify potential opportunities and make data-driven decisions. Its machine learning algorithms analyze customer behaviors and predict their future actions, allowing businesses to create targeted campaigns and offers. Overall, Sailthru enables businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers, increase engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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1,217 companies are currently using Sailthru


The Citizenry

the citizenry is a social..

55 Employees$38K - $4K$53K united states ..44%Export
JLo Beauty & Lifestyle

beauty has no expiration ..

54 Employees$40K - $24K$91K united states ..24%Export

nowthis is the #1 most-wa..

66 Employees$6K - $38K$89K united states ..12%Export
MZ Wallace

women-led & designed with..

48 Employees$15K - $11K$87K united states ..71%Export
6AM City

wake up local and join th..

134 Employees$25K - $14K$92K united states ..21%Export

theskimm makes it easier ..

174 Employees$33K - $25K$72K united states ..31%Export
Paperless Post

online invitations that m..

113 Employees$30K - $3K$55K united states ..53%Export

you fit here. elevated es..

168 Employees$6K - $35K$72K united states ..25%Export

advice, insights and ephe..

44 Employees$26K - $3K$50K united states ..39%Export

welcome to the new era of..

133 Employees$39K - $2K$55K united states ..74%Export

the uk’s leading parcel d..

150 Employees$23K - $38K$71K united kingdom..1%Export
MedPage Today

healthcare is complicated..

93 Employees$31K - $38K$75K united states ..41%Export

beautiful books made by y..

162 Employees$9K - $11K$72K united states ..45%Export

ethically made basics.

417 Employees$19K - $26K$52K united states ..30%Export

MedicAnimal is part of Ko..

54 Employees$42K - $21K$95K united kingdom..77%Export

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Using Sailthru for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies leveraging Sailthru technology provides extensive insight into the diverse array of businesses that give priority to marketing automation software and multi-channel personalisation in their operations. Envisage it as an exceptional opportunity to gain access to a unique business cohort that values progressive ecommerce and media brand solutions.

Utilizing this list can exponentially enhance a sales team's efficiency by strategically guiding their prospecting efforts. Instead of randomly reaching out to myriad potential customers, teams can now streamline their efforts by focusing on entities that are already comfortable employing sophisticated marketing automation solutions – a direct implication that they might welcome comparable, cutting-edge technologies.

Uniquely tailored follow-ups can be designed on understanding the deployment of Sailthru by these organizations. An appreciation of their choice of such advanced marketing automation tools can be effectively demonstrated, which perceptibly elevates the chances of healthier engagement.

Furthermore, the page can fuel competitive analyses as well as partnership opportunities. With the knowledge of organizations utilizing Sailthru, businesses can develop insights into market trends, what industries are heavily reliant on such tools, and which might be the prime prospects for similar offerings. Collaborations could be formed with businesses that complement these platforms, amplifying beneficial prospects for everyone involved.

Essentially, this list equips sales teams with the leverage to optimise their lead generation strategies, pivot their efforts towards more promising prospects, and carve engaging narratives deriving from the leads' demonstrated preference for advanced, personalised marketing solutions.

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