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Rokt is an ecommerce marketing technology that enhances the online shopping experience for customers by providing personalized and relevant recommendations during their purchasing journey. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data and behavior to suggest tailored offers and promotions, increasing the likelihood of conversions and driving revenue growth for businesses. Rokt's platform helps brands to deliver a seamless customer experience by offering a wide range of engagement channels like email, SMS, web notifications, and more. By using Rokt's technology, businesses can improve their customer retention rates and drive incremental sales opportunities with minimal effort.

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225 companies are currently using Rokt



the world's first luggage..

27 Employees$35K - $38K$73K united kingdom..87%Export

the smarter way to find p..

86 Employees$48K - $10K$71K united kingdom..71%Export

simple and secure access ..

345 Employees$9K - $48K$93K united states ..38%Export

A Beauty For All Brand (B..

508 Employees$25K - $12K$62K united states ..43%Export

the biggest deal in enter..

261 Employees$34K - $36K$51K australia72%Export
Naked Wines

it's time for better wine..

306 Employees$12K - $47K$94K united kingdom..84%Export
Boxy Charm

A Beauty For All Brand (B..

33 Employees$20K - $41K$54K united states ..100%Export

the global leader in ecom..

579 Employees$14K - $23K$93K united states ..24%Export

the biggest brands • on s..

195 Employees$32K - $24K$64K australia69%Export
SeaWorld Parks & Entertai..

6,799 Employees$16K - $38K$53K united states ..73%Export

ready to start a business..

369 Employees$4K - $35K$56K united states ..

a premier platform for sa..

22 Employees$45K - $48K$90K united states ..27%Export
Hilton Grand Vacations

we offer unique career op..

8,182 Employees$29K - $20K$69K united states ..92%Export
Adore Me

312 Employees$19K - $27K$92K united states ..16%Export
Best Friends Animal Socie..

our mission is to bring a..

917 Employees$24K - $16K$82K united states ..34%Export

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Using Rokt for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies that utilize Rokt, an ecommerce marketing technology, is a rich source of potential leads for sales teams. With a focus on delivering personalized and relevant experiences to online buyers, Rokt is utilized across a wide range of industries. For teams looking to offer services or products that complement the Rokt platform, this list presents an excellent opportunity.

By understanding which organizations are leveraging Rokt's dynamic ecommerce solutions, sales teams can tailor their approach to align more directly with their prospective customers' existing digital strategies. A keen understanding of their prospects' technology stack can give sales representatives a distinct edge in their communications – enabling them to more effectively demonstrate the synergies between their offerings and the Rokt platform, and the potential benefits that these combined solutions could deliver.

Moreover, if a sales team's offerings target a specific industry or niche, this list can offer key information, enabling targeted lead generation. For example, if a business offers digital marketing services for the ecommerce sector, knowing which organizations use Rokt can help in focusing their sales and marketing efforts.

Therefore, the true value of this list lies in its potential as a step stone for more refined, personalized, and effective lead generation. Armed with information regarding who is using the Rokt platform, sales teams can better strategize and focus their outreach efforts, all with an aim to better resonate with each potential lead's specific needs and circumstances.

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