Companies using Pygments

Pygments is a syntax highlighting package in Python that supports over 500 programming languages and other markup languages. It can generate formatted text output for display in various media, such as HTML or TeX. Pygments can be used to add syntax highlighting to code snippets in websites, documentation, or any other text-based document. It provides a command-line interface and an API for integration with other applications. Pygments uses regular expressions to identify language-specific syntax and applies corresponding styles to the highlighted code. It also supports customizations through style sheets and plugins. Pygments is open-source software released under the BSD license.

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484 companies are currently using Pygments



contract furniture

72 Employees$1K - $26K$67K türkiye43%Export
Terminal Labs

we are terminal labs. we ..

9 Employees$8K - $40K$67K united states ..6%Export

wearable wireless 9-axis ..

2 Employees$7K - $39K$53K united states ..46%Export

faster, cheaper and simpl..

132 Employees$21K - $32K$91K united kingdom..30%Export
Airport Weeze

inexpensive | nearby | fr..

16 Employees$9K - $11K$65K germany81%Export

we provide teams with an ..

2 Employees$8K - $19K$73K united states ..49%Export
Fine Art Dealers Associat..

showcasing an encyclopedi..

4 Employees$32K - $4K$76K united states ..59%Export
Sprocket Express

Accurate, Friendly, Effic..

5 Employees$32K - $44K$70K united states ..57%Export
Sky2C Freight Systems, In..

5 Employees$48K - $48K$93K united states ..86%Export
The Cookbook Project

inspiring youth to be the..

7 Employees$40K - $26K$66K united states ..92%Export
Write the Docs

write the docs is a globa..

12 Employees$29K - $7K$59K united states ..43%Export
ITEN Engineering

Let's build something wor..

20 Employees$12K - $13K$76K serbia5%Export
Storaket Architectural St..

all-inclusive architectur..

39 Employees$40K - $5K$91K armenia10%Export
Vitorian LLC

we are financial markets'..

3 Employees$5K - $38K$72K united states ..92%Export
Tischlerei Rier

die tischlerei rier ist e..

4 Employees$12K - $18K$58K italy67%Export

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Using Pygments for finding leads

With a comprehensive list of companies that utilize Pygments, sales teams are provided with pinpointed leads that already recognize the value and importance of technological enhancements in their operations. This recognition increases the likelihood of a beneficial engagement, as these companies are already using technical tools, indicating their openness to exploring other solutions that can enhance their workflow or operations.

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Overall, the insightful value of such a list lies in its ability to streamline and focus efforts for maximum effectiveness in lead prospecting. Sales teams can utilize it to foster targeted, nuanced, and more successful engagements with companies already inclined towards embracing technology like Pygments.

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