Companies using ProcessWire

ProcessWire is an open source CMS and CMF that enables users to manage and organize digital content efficiently. It allows developers to build custom web applications with a flexible and scalable architecture. ProcessWire is designed to be developer-friendly, providing a powerful API and intuitive interface for creating and managing content. It also offers various features such as a user-friendly admin panel, customizable fields, templates, and modules. With its advanced template engine and caching system, ProcessWire delivers fast and reliable performance for websites of any size. Additionally, it provides a wide range of third-party plugins and extensions that can be integrated into the system without sacrificing functionality or security. Overall, ProcessWire is a robust and versatile tool for building dynamic and engaging web applications.

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9,255 companies are currently using ProcessWire


Amy Cell Talent

we love listening and par..

35 Employees$4K - $35K$72K united states ..7%Export

building african agribusi..

77 Employees$47K - $24K$76K united kingdom..37%Export
Genomic Life

genomic life is on a miss..

44 Employees$23K - $28K$59K united states ..37%Export
Millie Group

a network of mentors for ..

39 Employees$4K - $21K$63K united kingdom..74%Export
Circle Cardiovascular Ima..

at the heart of imaging

153 Employees$15K - $5K$67K canada77%Export
Bristol Global Mobility

improving the mobility ex..

104 Employees$31K - $8K$64K united states ..48%Export
Benvic USA

providing quality compoun..

43 Employees$30K - $7K$60K united states ..84%Export

high speed wireless, ever..

42 Employees$11K - $11K$97K belgium94%Export
Lucent Lighting Ltd

a professional architectu..

36 Employees$40K - $2K$93K united kingdom..83%Export
I-Gard Corporation

committed to electrical s..

45 Employees$6K - $23K$67K canada8%Export

special situations privat..

22 Employees$12K - $44K$98K united kingdom..53%Export

digital experience specia..

61 Employees$23K - $11K$51K united states ..43%Export

a powerful, easy-to-use, ..

25 Employees$35K - $11K$82K united states ..52%Export
Defibtech, LLC

most of us hope to change..

134 Employees$31K - $6K$52K united states ..2%Export
Tritec Marine Ltd

21 Employees$5K - $33K$67K united kingdom..14%Export

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Using ProcessWire for finding leads

This curated list of companies using ProcessWire provides critical insights for sales teams searching for leads. As an open-source content management system (CMS) and framework (CMF), ProcessWire is a go-to choice for many companies due to its scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

The value of the list becomes evident when it comes to market segmentation and targeting. Sales teams can use this vital resource to identify potential clients based on their use of ProcessWire. It can narrow down the broad market into a more manageable, targeted group that is more likely to have an interest in solutions associated specifically with this CMS.

Different companies will have varying degrees of ProcessWire implementation, which could reflect their specific needs. Some might be using it for basic content management, while others may have heavily customized deployments. While the list doesn't provide these specifics, it does provide an initial touchpoint for sales teams to take the first step and engage these potential leads with questions and solutions related to their use of ProcessWire.

Moreover, understanding the industry distribution of ProcessWire users can inform sales strategies. If ProcessWire is popular within a certain sector, that knowledge can be used to tailor pitches, focusing on proven success stories within that industry.

Also, from a competitor analysis perspective, knowing which businesses are using ProcessWire can help sales teams identify their target accounts' technology stack. This knowledge can inform personalized approaches that acknowledge the prospect's current solution and offer complementary or superior alternatives.

To maximize the use of this list, it's essential to keep the information present in this resource current. Regularly revisiting and updating the list ensures that any outreach efforts are not wasted on companies that have already switched away from ProcessWire.

In conclusion, the list offers an efficient way for sales teams to find and engage potential leads, develop customer-centered sales strategies, and identify opportunities for growth. This is all made possible by understanding who the ProcessWire users are and strategizing based on that valuable information.

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