Companies using Prepr

Prepr is a headless CMS (Content Management System) that offers data-driven capabilities. As a headless CMS, it allows you to separate the content management from the presentation layer of your website or application. This means you can create and organize your content in Prepr, and then deliver it to different platforms or channels using APIs.

Prepr's data-driven capabilities enable you to make use of data to enhance your content management process. You can integrate external data sources, leverage APIs, automate workflows, and analyze data for insights. This helps you create personalized and dynamic experiences for your users.

With Prepr, you have the flexibility to structure your content using custom fields and taxonomy, making it easier to manage and organize large amounts of information. It also provides collaboration features, allowing multiple team members to work together on content creation and editing.

Overall, Prepr empowers businesses to efficiently manage their content and leverage data-driven approaches to deliver engaging and personalized experiences across various platforms and channels.

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47 companies are currently using Prepr



your ultimate guide to am..

6 Employees$13K - $4K$59K netherlands59%Export
ACT Group

empowering organizations ..

503 Employees$38K - $11K$97K netherlands8%Export
amsterdam inbusiness

amsterdam inbusiness is t..

32 Employees$30K - $35K$73K netherlands93%Export

welcome to pltfrm, partne..

14 Employees$3K - $12K$59K netherlands38%Export
Prepr CMS

the world's first data-dr..

23 Employees$41K - $5K$74K netherlands16%Export
Amsterdam Trade & Innovat..

amsterdam trade & innovat..

6 Employees$38K - $25K$83K netherlands13%Export
IN Amsterdam

one-stop-shop service for..

21 Employees$23K - $38K$87K netherlands61%Export
Amsterdam Impact

an initiative of the city..

6 Employees$45K - $47K$63K netherlands98%Export

betekenisvolle verhalen d..

843 Employees$6K - $28K$87K netherlands70%Export
Nationaal Warmtefonds

het nationaal warmtefonds..

13 Employees$24K - $29K$63K netherlands13%Export
Stichting ZorgpleinNoord

zorgpleinnoord onderzoekt..

69 Employees$6K - $14K$89K netherlands47%Export
Dlala Studios

making games we love, wit..

39 Employees$50K - $23K$50K united kingdom..86%Export
EASY Noise Control B.V.


25 Employees$36K - $26K$90K netherlands42%Export
Hiltermann Consumentenfin..

wij maken financieren toe..

9 Employees$16K - $39K$81K netherlands23%Export
Good News.

15 Employees$39K - $11K$50K netherlands38%Export

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Using Prepr for finding leads

The list of companies using Prepr can serve as a valuable resource for sales teams that are targetting businesses within the web technologies landscape, specifically those utilizing headless CMS and data-driven solutions. It presents an opportunity to engage companies that value adaptability, flexibility, and data management, as evidenced by their use of Prepr.

By focusing on such a list, sales teams can refine their prospecting and lead generation initiatives, making them more tailored, efficient, and effective. It provides insights into organizations that are aware of the rising trends in content management, which underscores the relevance and potential interest in related solutions.

With access to this list, sales teams can streamline their resource allocation, directing efforts towards prospects that have a revealed precedence for dynamic, data-driven CMS technology. This elevates the likelihood of lead conversion, owing to the alignment of product offerings with known organizational preferences.

Moreover, knowledge of the companies using Prepr allows sales teams to craft more personalized and impactful communication. By understanding their prospects' business technology choices, the sales teams can highlight how their product or service compliments or enhances the Prepr user experience.

Ultimately, the value of this list is in its capacity to help sales professionals identify and connect with potential leads that are predisposed to the evolving landscape of web technology, thereby enabling more productive conversations and potentially increasing sales efficiency and success.

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