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Prediggo is a software provider that specializes in ecommerce personalization and marketing automation. Their platform helps businesses create tailored product recommendations, personalized search results, and targeted marketing campaigns based on customer data such as browsing history, purchase behavior, and preferences. Prediggo's machine learning algorithms analyze this data in real-time to generate personalized content that maximizes conversions and drives sales. Their solutions can be integrated into any ecommerce platform or website. By using Prediggo, businesses can improve the shopping experience for their customers, increase engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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1 companies are currently using Prediggo


Daniel Gazzar Vins S.A.

2 Employees$44K - $41K$97K switzerland51%Export

Using Prediggo for finding leads

The list of businesses utilizing Prediggo is of significant value as it provides potential prospects for sales teams. It offers insights into companies interested in leveraging e-commerce personalization and marketing automation. Through intelligent product recommendations, personalized content, and automated marketing actions, these companies are already displaying a keen interest in harnessing advanced technologies to improve their e-commerce capabilities.

This list offers a window into a sector of the market that appreciates and makes use of sophisticated software solutions. It helps sales teams identify businesses that may be receptive to other complementary technologies or services that will enable them to further refine their online shopping experiences and streamline their marketing approach.

Navigating through this list, sales teams can easily identify businesses that prioritize enhancing customer shopping experiences and individualising their marketing efforts. This allows the sales teams to tailor their pitches to highlight how their products or services can complement or augment the capabilities provided by Prediggo.

Furthermore, this list is beneficial for sales teams in identifying potential areas of demand within the market, highlighting new opportunities to develop or procure technologies that align with the needs of these actively innovating businesses.

In essence, the list of companies using Prediggo is incredibly valuable for sales teams looking for leads, providing a curated selection of prospects that value advanced technology in e-commerce and marketing processes.

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