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Pixnet is a popular mobile photo sharing, blogging, and social networking service based in Taiwan. It allows users to share their photos, write blogs, and connect with others through a social media platform. Pixnet provides a convenient way for people to express themselves, showcase their photography skills, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. Users can create personalized profiles, follow other users, and interact with their content through likes, comments, and shares. With its mobile-focused approach, Pixnet enables users to easily capture and upload photos directly from their smartphones, making it a convenient platform for on-the-go sharing. Whether users are looking to document their experiences, share their creativity, or connect with others who share similar interests, Pixnet offers a versatile platform for self-expression and social networking.

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2 companies are currently using Pixnet


Yoho City International C..

3 Employees$45K - $21K$89K taiwan79%Export
Orang Hock Rojak

- Employees$29K - $6K$88K malaysia17%Export

Using Pixnet for finding leads

Discovering businesses and organizations that leverage Pixnet's services provides a powerful resource for sales teams hunting for high-quality leads. These enterprises span a wide range of industries, from blogging and media publishing to photography, social networking, and beyond. Navigating this list can offer a multitude of potential sales opportunities.

The core value of the list pertains to its potential in enabling targeted outreach and personalized selling strategies. Gaining insights into how different companies use Pixnet services can help teams understand their target market and product use-cases better.

Sales teams can identify prospective clients based on their size, target demographic, and the Pixnet features they might be leveraging, essentially honing their outreach efforts. Companies using Pixnet emphasize a clear focus on creative content creation, blogging, social sharing, and interaction with their audiences, which may indicate a degree of tech-savviness and openness to innovative solutions.

The list distinguishes potential leads that have shown affinity for Pixnet's services and are likely to appreciate and understand the value of similar offerings. Consequently, pitching technology solutions to these prospects becomes a smoother and more predictable process.

Besides, the list also indicates companies that are no longer satisfied with their current solution and might be open to exploring alternatives, particularly if the offering can provide added value or a superior user experience. Sales teams can accordingly step in with timed and tailored proposals.

Ultimately, the list of companies using Pixnet acts as a valuable shortcut in the research and prospecting process. Rather than cold calling or random pitching, sales teams can approach clients already familiar with and interested in the kind of technologies they are dealing with, maximizing their chance of success and delivering a more personalized selling experience.

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