Companies using Piwigo


Piwigo is an open-source photo management software that allows users to create and manage online photo galleries. It offers features such as easy installation, customization options, album management, tagging and metadata support, user management, and various themes and plugins to enhance the gallery's functionality. Piwigo also provides privacy features for restricting access to photos or albums, making it suitable for personal use or a professional photographer's portfolio website. Its responsive design ensures that the gallery works seamlessly on different devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, Piwigo supports various image formats and can handle large collections of photos efficiently. With its extensive documentation and active community, users can get help with any issues they encounter while using the software, and developers can contribute code to improve its functionality further. Overall, Piwigo is a reliable solution for creating and managing online photo galleries, whether for personal or professional use.

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131 companies are currently using Piwigo



3 Employees$1K - $28K$60K france57%Export
JCorps, Jewish Social Vol..

2 Employees$26K - $35K$61K united states ..1%Export

2 Employees$9K - $24K$62K ireland99%Export
Jaffna Hindu College

கற்க கசடறக் கற்பவை கற்றபி..

22 Employees$27K - $13K$83K sri lanka95%Export
Offroad Challenge

1 Employees$39K - $42K$82K netherlands89%Export
Laser Works of Alabama, I..

2 Employees$48K - $22K$82K united states ..63%Export

The art, designs, and cre..

1 Employees$35K - $37K$60K united states ..81%Export

Imagine. Create. Express...

23 Employees$47K - $14K$96K bangladesh66%Export
Aikido Sangenkai

1 Employees$18K - $47K$61K united states ..16%Export
View Photo Agency

1 Employees$44K - $46K$99K greece23%Export
LOCO Running Co.

LOCO Running Co. is a sma..

1 Employees$46K - $1K$58K united states ..78%Export
shin's.lab architecture

international architectur..

3 Employees$14K - $39K$93K -84%Export
Cake World

26 Employees$45K - $40K$77K canada94%Export

fotografia de eventos nos..

2 Employees$8K - $2K$66K -34%Export
Livredd Rigging DA

1 Employees$21K - $36K$55K -9%Export

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Using Piwigo for finding leads

This list of companies utilizing Piwigo could become an invaluable resource for sales teams searching for fresh leads. Operating in the digital domain, these organizations have demonstrated an interest in solutions like Piwigo to manage their online photo galleries, indicating their engagement with cutting-edge technological tools to optimize their operations.

With this information at their disposal, sales teams can profile potential clients, understanding their needs through the prism of Piwigo usage. They could pinpoint businesses who are likely to be receptive to their products or services that complement or enhance the capabilities of a photo management software like Piwigo.

Moreover, this list can help sales teams discern the market trends in industries where Piwigo is extensively used. This knowledge can assist in refining their sales strategies to suit industry-specific realities.

From startups to legacy corporations, this curated selection of Piwigo-users reveals companies at different stages of growth and with distinct technological necessities. Thus, this list can help sales teams diversify their prospecting pipeline and increase their chances of success, by offering insights into the variety of prospects they could approach.

Examining the companies that have chosen Piwigo, sales teams can also understand the value proposition that resonates with this segment, tailoring their approach to echo these values.

Such a curated list can streamline the lead generation process, offering a direct line to potential clients who have shown a propensity towards innovative web solutions, thereby aiding efficiency in prospecting and increasing the probability of conversion.

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