Chevereto is a powerful and versatile image hosting software that enables users to create their own image hosting website on their server. It provides a full-featured platform for hosting, uploading, and sharing images with friends, family, or the public. With Chevereto, you can customize your image hosting website by modifying themes, adding new features, and integrating with different plugins. It is user-friendly and allows users to easily manage galleries, albums, and photos using an intuitive interface. Chevereto also offers advanced features such as bulk uploading, watermarking, social sharing, and image editing tools. It comes with a robust set of security measures to protect your data, including spam filters, CAPTCHAs, and SSL encryption. Whether you’re looking to build a personal image gallery, a photo-sharing website for your business, or just want to host images for your blog or forum, Chevereto offers a comprehensive solution. It is open-source and offers extensive documentation and community support to help you get started and customize the platform according to your needs.

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6 Companies using Chevereto


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1$31K - $13K$67K türkiye71%
NPT - Nieruchomości Piotr..

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1$12K - $24K$658K poland92%
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-$44K - $34K$53K lithuania14%
Paintball City

5$25K - $50K$73K united states ..68%

-$44K - $13K$93K germany10%
IMG 26

-$17K - $45K$85K france39%

How to use Chevereto

Chevereto is an open-source image hosting software that can be used to create a full-featured image hosting website on your own server. Here's how you can use Chevereto:

  1. Install Chevereto: To use Chevereto, you'll need to install it on your server. You can download the latest version of Chevereto from their website and follow the installation process.

  2. Configure settings: After installing Chevereto, you'll need to configure some settings such as database credentials, website URL, email settings, and more.

  3. Create Admin account: Once you've configured the settings, create an admin account to manage your website. You can do this by registering a new user and assigning them admin privileges.

  4. Customize your website: After creating an admin account, you can customize your website by changing the theme, logo, favicon, and other settings. You can also add custom pages and configure content policies.

  5. Manage images: With Chevereto, you can upload and manage images easily. You can upload multiple images at once, edit their details such as title, description, and tags. You can also organize images into albums, set privacy options, and configure image deletion policies.

  6. Moderate content: As an admin, you have the ability to moderate uploaded images. You can view all uploaded images, approve or reject them, and take appropriate actions against any violation of content policies.

  7. Monetize your website: If you want to monetize your image hosting website, Chevereto offers various built-in monetization options such as advertising banners, sponsored posts, and premium accounts.

  8. Backup and update: It's essential to backup your website regularly to avoid data loss. Chevereto provides built-in backup options that allow you to schedule automatic backups. Additionally, Chevereto frequently releases updates with bug fixes and new features, so make sure to keep your website updated.

In conclusion, Chevereto is a great software to create an image hosting website on your own server. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, you can have your own image hosting website up and running in no time.

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