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Ocuco FitMix is a virtual frame try-on tool offered by Ocuco to its customers. It allows users to try on different eyewear frames virtually, using advanced technology that uses the user's image and then superimposes different eyewear frames onto it. This tool gives customers a chance to see how different eyewear frames will look on them before they make their purchase, helping them make more informed decisions. This technology provides a more interactive and immersive customer experience, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction. With Ocuco FitMix, customers can browse through different styles of eyewear and see how they would look on themselves without having to physically try on each pair in-store.

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90 companies are currently using Ocuco FitMix



get older. own it. see st..

26 Employees$15K - $24K$61K united states ..10%Export

der marktplatz für inhabe..

9 Employees$26K - $24K$82K austria27%Export

inspired by africa, handm..

28 Employees$41K - $35K$59K italy13%Export
Gamer Advantage

our mission is to improve..

18 Employees$46K - $14K$87K united states ..15%Export

quality eyewear manufactu..

74 Employees$35K - $5K$94K united states ..54%Export
Bird Eyewear

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7 Employees$33K - $18K$60K united kingdom..27%Export
Mondottica USA

eyewear brand partners

26 Employees$14K - $41K$87K united states ..17%Export

nasa born. performance dr..

39 Employees$35K - $49K$80K united states ..43%Export

handmade eyewear, produce..

25 Employees$32K - $31K$55K austria69%Export
David H Myers Opticians

21 Employees$19K - $8K$67K united kingdom..83%Export
Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH..

ausgezeichnetes design, b..

26 Employees$36K - $20K$87K germany88%Export
Flutter Eyewear

4 Employees$43K - $26K$56K united states ..88%Export
Ellcie Healthy SAS

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3 Employees$10K - $8K$84K france28%Export

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285 Employees$25K - $19K$52K spain5%Export
Cottet Óptica y Audiologí..

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121 Employees$32K - $47K$89K spain87%Export

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Using Ocuco FitMix for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies showcasing the integration of Ocuco's FitMix into their workflow is an indispensable resource for sales teams. FitMix, a virtual frame try-on tool, helps visually demonstrate the digital transformation within the eyewear industry, and the list reinforces this revelation.

The companies listed are potential leads for sales teams seeking to extend their services or products to establishments already embracing digital solutions such as FitMix. These establishments have shown a progressive mindset by incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations, highlighting their readiness and openness to other innovative solutions.

Moreover, the list presents opportunities to understand different business adaptations of the FitMix tool. This can provide relevant insights into how differing entities leverage the technology, thereby aiding prospecting efforts with focused, tailored pitches that resonate with their operational needs.

By viewing the listed companies' profiles and researching their application of FitMix, sales teams can identify key decision-makers, explore technology adoption trends, and analyse industry patterns. This valuable knowledge can empower sales teams to fine-tune their prospecting approach, developing personalized strategies relevant to each potential lead's business and sector.

For sales teams targeting businesses orientated towards digital solutions, or specifically the eyewear industry, this list can help condense their search for potential interests. It essentially turns an often tedious process of identifying receptive businesses into an easily manageable task. The list serves not only as a directory but a strategic tool enabling the identification of opportunities, tailoring of pitches and ultimately, the acceleration of lead generation efforts.

Thus, the list of companies using Ocuco's FitMix is a vital asset that can significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams in lead prospecting.

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