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ModiFace is a company that specializes in providing Augmented Reality technology solutions to the beauty industry. Its AR technology allows customers to try on virtual makeup and hairstyles, test various shades of cosmetic products, and see how skincare products will impact their skin before making a purchase. The technology is designed to enhance the customer experience by enabling them to visualize how different products will look on their face or hair without having to physically try them on. ModiFace's AR technology is also used by major beauty brands to showcase their products and engage with their customers online. Overall, ModiFace's AR technology is focused on improving the shopping experience for customers in the beauty industry by leveraging advanced technology to provide more personalized and interactive experiences.

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4 companies are currently using ModiFace



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146 Employees$39K - $16K$82K united kingdom..90%Export

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73 Employees$6K - $43K$55K canada9%Export
Christ Uhren & Schmuck

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98 Employees$12K - $29K$64K switzerland84%Export
Martannes Hair Design Cen..

- Employees$17K - $48K$85K united kingdom..100%Export

Using ModiFace for finding leads

This curated list of companies that employ ModiFace technology offers an invaluable resource for sales teams who aim to pitch their products or services within the augment reality or beauty sectors. ModiFace, renowned for delivering cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology specifically tailored for the beauty industry, is utilized by a wide array of companies varying in size and scope. The database indicates that these organizations value innovation and are open to technologically advanced solutions that enhance customer shopping experiences.

The value in this list rests in its presenting an array of potential leads ready to embrace new technologies and services related to AR or beauty. By showcasing companies currently using ModiFace, it provides sales teams with a targeted approach in their prospecting efforts. Sales personnel can use this list for direct outreach to these technologically forward-thinking companies, offering products or services that can complement or enhance the utility they're already gaining from ModiFace technology.

This comprehensive list offers a resourceful way for sales teams to research and understand their prospects' behavior, aiding them in formulating effective strategies for their pitches. They can gain insights on how each company applies ModiFace technology, what elements of the technology they're keen on, and how they have integrated this AR solution in their operations. Thus, sales teams can tailor their offerings to align with prospective clients' current usage of AR, and highlight the added advantages that their products or services bring.

Whether it's a service that seamlessly integrates with ModiFace, a tool that boosts the efficient application of AR, or a product that complements the consumer's augmented reality experience, this list provides a direct pathway to the doors of companies already onboard with embracing such advancements.

Each organization listed here represents a potential opportunity for businesses seeking to collaborate with companies that are driving the future of AR in the beauty industry. The list is an exceptional starting point for sales teams determined to make headway in these progressive technological markets.

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