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is an open-source web component developed by Google, which allows users to easily display 3D content on the web with just a few lines of HTML code. It was first introduced in Chrome 72 in July 2019 and can be used to view 3D content on both desktop and mobile devices. This component simplifies the integration of 3D models into web applications and provides various features such as custom lighting and interactive animations. Additionally, supports multiple file formats such as GLTF, FBX, and OBJ, making it easier for developers to work with different 3D modeling software. It also provides options for configuring camera settings, shadows, and other visual effects to enhance the viewing experience. With its ease of use and versatility, has become a popular tool for integrating 3D content onto the web.

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Luma AI

photoreal 3d. for everyon..

42 Employees$23K - $25K$81K united states ..38%Export

making rooftop solar easy..

32 Employees$9K - $42K$83K united states ..60%Export
ARE Telecom & Broadband

manufacturer of patented ..

11 Employees$7K - $21K$90K united states ..81%Export

your team’s office space...

52 Employees$24K - $46K$85K germany32%Export

multiplex biomarker assay..

48 Employees$11K - $9K$75K united states ..67%Export

anything is possible 🦾

25 Employees$2K - $39K$78K united kingdom..66%Export

trailblazing a new era of..

14 Employees$14K - $11K$78K singapore27%Export

cloud platform for 3d ass..

21 Employees$35K - $20K$63K united states ..96%Export

new space solutions

287 Employees$6K - $31K$53K italy14%Export

building world's most pow..

42 Employees$19K - $47K$51K india14%Export

reinventing the property ..

6 Employees$1K - $22K$78K united states ..46%Export
Holocaust Center for Huma..

educate. inspire. take ac..

28 Employees$25K - $14K$96K united states ..90%Export
Genius Innovation Lab

we are a trusted technolo..

16 Employees$25K - $5K$64K united states ..5%Export
Gira Ibérica, S.L.

"nuestra inspiración son ..

20 Employees$20K - $32K$73K spain35%Export
CROING l Creative Agency

creative & social media a..

19 Employees$36K - $2K$80K united states ..82%Export

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serves an invaluable resource for sales teams hunting for the right leads. By revealing businesses that are already leveraging this technology, the list provides an opportunity to target a pre-qualified market segment. These are entities that clearly value innovative web solutions and prioritize web-based 3D content in their operations, making them potential prospects for similar or complementary services and technologies.

The utility of this roster extends beyond mere lead identification, though. It offers insights which inform and refine sales strategies. The nature of the companies included can shed light on industry trends, potential use cases for

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Furthermore, for sales teams offering tools or services that enhance or integrate with

, this list is of significant value. It presents a pre-defined market of potential clients who could benefit from additional products that improve their existing technology.

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use, sales teams may spot opportunities for expansion or education about the technology's benefits.

Lastly, engagement approach can be refined by appreciating the fact that companies engaging with open source technologies illustrate a commitment to collaborative innovation. This can be a unique selling point for similar-minded providers.

The value of such a list is multi-faceted, from providing a ready set of interested leads to informing strategic approach for sales teams. It's a resource that proactively recognizes shifts in the technology landscape, helping businesses remain alert to new prospects and opportunities.

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