is an open-source web component developed by Google, which allows users to easily display 3D content on the web with just a few lines of HTML code. It was first introduced in Chrome 72 in July 2019 and can be used to view 3D content on both desktop and mobile devices. This component simplifies the integration of 3D models into web applications and provides various features such as custom lighting and interactive animations. Additionally, supports multiple file formats such as GLTF, FBX, and OBJ, making it easier for developers to work with different 3D modeling software. It also provides options for configuring camera settings, shadows, and other visual effects to enhance the viewing experience. With its ease of use and versatility, has become a popular tool for integrating 3D content onto the web.

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601 Companies using <model-viewer>

E1011 Labs

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194$36K - $28K$1M spain85%
Mookie Toys

a world of play!

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Segments.ai (YC W21)

multi-sensor labeling pla..

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RESPAWN Products

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new space solutions

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YUGE | AR for Webshops

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multiplex biomarker assay..

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MyFit Solutions

professional human body 3..

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Van Guard Accessories Ltd..

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Kings Wild Project

kings wild project produc..

7$46K - $5K$47K united states ..77%

making rooftop solar easy..

29$33K - $12K$22K united states ..40%
CROING l Creative Agency

creative & social media a..

19$34K - $10K$95K united states ..71%

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Alternatives to <model-viewer>

Thera are a total of 12 alternatives available for <model-viewer>

How to use <model-viewer>

To use <model-viewer>, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, include the <model-viewer> component script in your HTML file by adding the following line to your HTML header:
<script type="module" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@google/model[email protected]/dist/model-viewer.min.js"></script>
  1. Next, add the <model-viewer> tag to your HTML code and define the source of the 3D model you want to display, for example:
<model-viewer src="path/to/your/model.glb"></model-viewer>

You can also specify some additional attributes such as the camera position, background color or lighting conditions.

  1. Once you have added the <model-viewer> element to your HTML, you can customize it with CSS styles to adjust its appearance, size, and layout as needed.

  2. Finally, test your <model-viewer> component in a browser that supports WebGL, such as Chrome or Firefox. You should be able to interact with the 3D model using mouse or touch gestures, zooming in or out, and even viewing the model in AR mode on mobile devices that support it.

Note that <model-viewer> is a powerful web component that allows you to do more than just display static 3D models. You can also create animations, set up hotspots that trigger events, and integrate with other web technologies such as WebXR or A-Frame. Check out the official <model-viewer> documentation and examples for more details and inspiration.

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