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Mura CMS is a cloud-based, API-driven content management platform that allows users to easily manage and publish content to their websites. It provides a range of features such as drag-and-drop editing, customizable templates, and built-in analytics that help create and optimize web pages for any device. Mura CMS also offers robust security features, including user role management, secure login, and protection against threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). The API-driven architecture enables developers to extend Mura's functionality by creating custom modules and integrating with third-party applications. This flexibility helps businesses adapt to changing requirements and build solutions tailored to their unique needs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Mura CMS is an excellent choice for managing enterprise-level websites and web applications.

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714 companies are currently using Mura CMS


North Carolina Nurses Ass..

nursing forward®

30 Employees$46K - $39K$54K united states ..67%Export

the power of local.

111 Employees$46K - $7K$58K united states ..76%Export
National Alliance For You..

better sports for kids, b..

28 Employees$12K - $12K$71K united states ..50%Export

world class supplier of s..

69 Employees$18K - $7K$77K united kingdom..40%Export

independent financial gui..

41 Employees$36K - $2K$54K united states ..90%Export
Carnegie Technologies

we empower businesses and..

27 Employees$15K - $30K$80K united states ..26%Export
Mellott & Mellott, P.L.L...

we are a third-generation..

45 Employees$16K - $38K$57K united states ..69%Export
Just Got 2 Have It !

a leading wholesale manuf..

69 Employees$48K - $45K$84K united states ..40%Export

chimenet is a trusted par..

15 Employees$47K - $13K$51K united states ..54%Export
Creative Business Solutio..

49 Employees$27K - $32K$77K united states ..12%Export
American Feed Industry As..

39 Employees$29K - $4K$82K united states ..11%Export
Association for Molecular..

we provide global experti..

41 Employees$34K - $4K$89K united states ..93%Export
Brotherhood Mutual Insura..

insuring america's christ..

541 Employees$47K - $22K$63K united states ..81%Export

we're with you

297 Employees$48K - $46K$67K united states ..17%Export

impact begint met inzicht..

107 Employees$26K - $26K$59K netherlands2%Export

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Using Mura CMS for finding leads

This list of companies using the prominent Mura CMS entails a great deal of potential for sales teams in need of valuable leads. With the rising demand for effective, cloud-based, API driven content management systems, companies utilizing Mura CMS are expected to be forward-thinking and sufficiently established, making them quality leads.

The list serves as an efficient starting point for lead generation strategies, eliminating the need for endless, often fruitless, prospecting. Instead, sales teams can directly target companies that have already shown an interest in industry-relevant technology by choosing Mura CMS. This not only increases the likelihood of a positive response but also shortens the sales cycle.

In some cases, the technology a company uses can act as an indicator of its size, industry, and even its overall business strategy. Consequently, companies on this list could be segmented based on these attributes, which may further assist in personalizing the outreach approach.

Moreover, if a sales team is representing a complementary service or product related to Mura CMS, they have a higher chance of converting these companies into clients. It’s a proven fact that companies are more willing to invest in products or services that enhance the effectiveness or efficiency of their existing solutions.

Finally, keeping track of companies using Mura CMS can also provide competitive intelligence regarding what solutions companies are opting for. This information could be of significant value for product development and positioning strategies.

While each company is unique in its requirements and strategies, a concrete list of Mura CMS users has the potential to streamline the sales process and ensure that the focus is on high-quality, relevant leads.

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