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Milligram is a lightweight and customizable CSS framework that simplifies the UI development process. It offers a streamlined set of styles and components that can enhance the look and feel of your website or web application without adding unnecessary complexity.

One of the key features of Milligram is its modular approach, which allows developers to pick and choose the components they need and exclude those they don't. This results in a leaner and more optimized codebase that loads faster and performs better.

Milligram also includes a responsive grid system that helps ensure consistent layouts across different screen sizes and devices. It adheres to a mobile-first design philosophy, which means that the default styles and layout are optimized for small screens and then progressively enhanced as the screen size increases.

Another benefit of Milligram is its semantic HTML markup. Each component is designed to be accessible and easy to understand, with intuitive class names that make it easy to customize and extend the styles as needed.

Overall, Milligram is a great choice for web developers who want a lightweight and flexible CSS framework that doesn't sacrifice functionality or style. Whether you're building a simple blog or a complex web application, Milligram can help take your UI development to the next level.

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223 companies are currently using Milligram


Mistral AI

developing the best gener..

58 Employees$16K - $28K$69K france64%Export
AGV Sports Group, Inc.

designed by riders for ri..

22 Employees$4K - $49K$79K united states ..34%Export
SUN Energy

solar energy developer - ..

188 Employees$4K - $12K$85K indonesia16%Export

restez proche et disponib..

20 Employees$6K - $46K$61K france81%Export
Boston Athletic Associati..

a non-profit organization..

95 Employees$44K - $35K$63K united states ..33%Export
PT Sarana Multigriya Fina..

makes affordable home pos..

165 Employees$22K - $39K$94K indonesia60%Export
Royale Oceanic

17 Employees$49K - $39K$70K united kingdom..85%Export
PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ek..


9,536 Employees$13K - $22K$72K indonesia16%Export

we enable businesses to g..

17 Employees$34K - $29K$57K germany90%Export

black star, pneus recondi..

92 Employees$42K - $15K$90K france82%Export
Medic Chat

easy access to doctors

20 Employees$10K - $14K$81K romania43%Export
BRI Danareksa Sekuritas

we provide comprehensive ..

408 Employees$25K - $25K$55K indonesia85%Export
PT Sarana Multi Infrastru..

catalyst to support accel..

394 Employees$28K - $11K$58K indonesia52%Export
Kota Kita Foundation

a city for all

30 Employees$22K - $39K$61K indonesia27%Export
PT Arianto Darmawan

world’s best industrial p..

149 Employees$32K - $27K$71K indonesia23%Export

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Using Milligram for finding leads

This list of companies using Milligram represents an invaluable resource for sales teams targeting prospects who value excellent performance and minimalism in web development. Milligram is known for its lightweight CSS framework, providing a clean and fast start for building smaller scale, performance-focused web applications. The companies reflected here have proven their commitment to efficiency, speed, and high-quality user experience.

The value in this list lies not only in its current roster of companies but also in its potential to grow. As more organizations adopt Milligram for its minimalist approach and superior performance, sales teams can leverage this expanding directory as a continually updated source of high-quality leads.

This extensive database provides valuable insights into industry trends. It can help sales professionals identify patterns and understand core business needs better, leading to more effective prospecting and lead generation efforts. Beyond just names, the list can serve as a decision-making tool, guiding sales teams to understand what these companies might be looking for in their tech stack, making it easier to tailor pitches and solutions.

It's important to recognize the specificity of the leads generated from this list – these companies are tuned into the benefits of using Milligram, a minimalist and performance-driven framework. Targeted leads mean more effective pitches, saving time and effort in the lead generation and sales cycle.

Finally, the knowledge that a prospect is already familiar with, and has adopted, Milligram can allow sales teams to craft pitches that tie their offerings to Milligram's advantages. Be it services, complementary technologies, or even performance-enhancing add-ons, the connection to Milligram provides a wealth of angles that can be used to draw potential customers in.

In summary, the list of companies using Milligram provides a dynamic, data-rich environment that can propel a sales team's lead generation strategy significantly, driving their success in the competitive world of tech sales.

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