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Material Design Lite is a library of components created for web developers that allows them to easily incorporate Material Design principles into their web applications. It provides a set of UI components such as buttons, cards, dialogues, icons, and more, which are designed to comply with Material Design guidelines.

Material Design Lite also provides styling for common HTML elements like typography, forms, tables, and lists. It is built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which makes it easy for web developers to integrate into their projects, regardless of the framework or platform they are using.

Overall, Material Design Lite offers developers an efficient way to implement Material Design into their web applications without complex coding requirements. By utilizing this library, developers can focus on creating smooth user experiences, while ensuring their designs are consistent with Google's Material Design principles.

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82,843 companies are currently using Material Design Lite



crafting stories, buildin..

26 Employees$18K - $36K$76K united states ..89%Export
Veruna, Inc.

know your business. grow..

45 Employees$46K - $36K$51K united states ..68%Export

vectara is the trusted ge..

60 Employees$30K - $32K$88K united states ..61%Export
Interact Analysis

international market inte..

40 Employees$3K - $46K$68K united kingdom..2%Export
BioCentric, Inc.

providing strategic healt..

35 Employees$31K - $47K$89K united states ..13%Export

the ai-driven platform th..

46 Employees$12K - $32K$50K united states ..66%Export
Deck Commerce

we help brands simplify c..

48 Employees$49K - $2K$82K united states ..86%Export
Mind Foundry

ai for high-stakes applic..

75 Employees$43K - $27K$100K united kingdom..20%Export

turning the world’s waste..

72 Employees$42K - $1K$97K united kingdom..51%Export
Semcasting, Inc.

semcasting offers end-to-..

49 Employees$2K - $35K$74K united states ..26%Export
Evive |

evive is the market leade..

159 Employees$27K - $20K$97K united states ..72%Export
Lynx Software Technologie..

lynx provides foundationa..

97 Employees$30K - $26K$89K united states ..100%Export

defend your network. toda..

35 Employees$29K - $19K$56K united states ..27%Export

interview intelligence pl..

26 Employees$33K - $25K$69K united states ..74%Export
The Female Quotient

we’re in the business of ..

82 Employees$4K - $35K$80K united states ..98%Export

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Using Material Design Lite for finding leads

The curated list of companies that use Material Design Lite serves as a valuable resource for sales teams looking to identify and pursue potential leads. This collection is particularly advantageous as it offers targeted prospects for businesses that provide complementary solutions, web development services, or related web technologies.

The list's specificity encompasses companies committed to providing a user-friendly interface with the Material Design Lite technology—thus indicating a strong emphasis on frontend development and user experience. Such companies are likely to have a vested interest in other products that could enhance their web development workflow, improve design operations, or increase overall web performance.

This register of companies represents a pool of potential leads that already have a demonstrated interest in high-quality web design frameworks. Therefore, companies providing related products and services can use this list to streamline their targeting process, focusing their sales efforts on the most relevant prospects.

For businesses offering web development services, this list is a lead goldmine. It provides an opportunity to approach companies already invested in a particular design language — a starting point to offer enhancement, support, or migration services. The list can also be beneficial for product companies – offering tools, widgets, or other add-ons that may improve or complement Material Design Lite experience.

In addition, using the list paves the way for the detailed analysis of industry trends, allowing sales teams to understand which sectors show a preference for Material Design Lite. Such insights can prove instrumental in aligning sales strategies and marketing messages with industry preferences, enhancing the chances of positive response rates.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Material Design Lite is a powerful tool for sales teams. It not only supplies a targeted list of prospects but also presents an opportunity to understand better and connect with potential customers who are already interested in or are using web development technologies.

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