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Companies using Materialize CSS

Materialize CSS is a front-end framework for building responsive and mobile-first web applications. It is based on Google's Material Design principles, which provide a visual language for user interface design. Materialize CSS includes a set of pre-built components and utilities that developers can use to quickly create visually appealing and consistent user interfaces. These components include typography, buttons, forms, modals, and navigation bars, among others. Materialize also provides a grid system for organizing content and ensuring that it adapts to different screen sizes. Additionally, Materialize CSS comes with built-in responsiveness features, making it easy to create mobile-friendly designs without having to write custom CSS rules. Overall, Materialize CSS simplifies the process of creating modern and stylish web applications while also providing a solid foundation for building accessible and responsive user interfaces.

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8,866 companies are currently using Materialize CSS


Deep Origin

accelerating r&d to untan..

31 Employees$2K - $26K$80K united states ..86%Export
Vicoustic - Innovative Ac..

perfecting acoustics sust..

29 Employees$42K - $29K$81K portugal38%Export

your power, your rules

14 Employees$10K - $33K$70K france38%Export
Image Systems & Business ..

reinvest in your business..

37 Employees$12K - $35K$92K united states ..40%Export
StockCrowd FAN

el software que revolucio..

27 Employees$11K - $13K$66K spain13%Export
CX Latam Group

ayudamos a nuestros clien..

23 Employees$36K - $31K$52K united states ..53%Export
Evolve Dynamics

british made rapidly depl..

32 Employees$8K - $38K$68K united kingdom..37%Export
Impact App

make your employees healt..

36 Employees$6K - $42K$59K india26%Export
Teledyne Photometrics

scientific cmos, emccd an..

56 Employees$42K - $14K$80K united states ..82%Export
Jessup Manufacturing Comp..

manufacturer of adhesive ..

78 Employees$21K - $36K$80K united states ..95%Export

automate workflows, save ..

223 Employees$8K - $19K$83K united states ..8%Export

mapbox powers navigation ..

728 Employees$39K - $35K$74K united states ..80%Export

simplifying your freight ..

17 Employees$34K - $11K$74K brazil79%Export
Gale Healthcare

the first in healthtech s..

1,077 Employees$31K - $31K$69K united states ..99%Export

experiential travel & yac..

39 Employees$21K - $21K$69K united kingdom..93%Export

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Using Materialize CSS for finding leads

The list of companies employing Materialize CSS represents potential leads for sales teams who are offering related services or products. This CSS framework implementation can highlight a company's commitment to using up-to-date, mobile-responsive design practices, which may suggest they could be open to other advancements.

Sales teams can derive value from this list in several ways:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: If a product or service is directly linked to Materialize CSS or related web technologies, these companies are probable prospects. The use of this framework indicates the company may need services related to web development, design optimization for mobile responsiveness, or additional training for their teams.

  2. Understanding Trends: A company's decision to use Materialize CSS can provide insights into their technology stack. This supports informed discussions about other technology services or products the company may find useful.

  3. Refining Sales Pitches: Knowledge of a company's use of Materialize CSS can help sales professionals tailor their pitches. They can emphasize how a product or service integrates with or enhances this specific framework.

  4. Identifying Decision Makers: Through research into a company's use of a specific technology, it's possible to identify who within the organization might be involved in decision-making about tech tools.

Grabbing the chance to connect with companies on the list that employs Materialize CSS is an opportunity to introduce a suite of services or products that either complements or improves their existing tech stack. Through targeted, informed, and personalized pitches to decision-makers, sales teams turn this list into a robust source of potential leads.

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