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Companies using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a software application that is used to create and manage spreadsheets. It is a powerful tool that allows users to store, organize, and manipulate data in a variety of ways. Its primary function is to store data in a tabular format, which makes it easy to enter, analyze, and manipulate large amounts of information.

Excel provides a wide range of functionalities, such as data sorting, filtering, and calculation features. It also offers tools for visualizing data through charts and graphs, making it easier to understand complex data sets. These features make it an indispensable tool for businesses, finance professionals, and researchers.

In addition to its basic functions, Microsoft Excel supports a variety of advanced features, including the ability to write complex formulas and create macros to automate repetitive tasks. This means that users can save time and streamline their workflows by automating routine processes.

Overall, Microsoft Excel is a versatile and powerful tool that enables users to manage large amounts of data efficiently. Whether you are tracking personal finances, analyzing business data, or conducting academic research, Excel can help you stay organized and make better-informed decisions.

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191 companies are currently using Microsoft Excel


Paper Assets Capital

passive income through ca..

3 Employees$11K - $44K$73K united states ..89%Export
PT Cita Mineral Investind..

bauxite mining company

149 Employees$24K - $26K$55K indonesia59%Export
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Stati..

170 Employees$25K - $47K$84K indonesia31%Export
Suez Steel Company

1,117 Employees$47K - $43K$98K egypt2%Export
CCD Network

a collaborative approach ..

11 Employees$27K - $26K$70K united kingdom..11%Export
Vanden Avenne Commodities..

26 Employees$23K - $44K$71K belgium69%Export
The Bharat Scouts and Gui..

creating - better india ..

160 Employees$20K - $15K$96K india54%Export
prodiconseil papier et em..

8000 tons available - sin..

7 Employees$42K - $45K$82K france57%Export
PT Marina Bara Lestari

perusahaan pertambangan d..

15 Employees$25K - $15K$67K indonesia33%Export
racksleaf networks

1 Employees$7K - $49K$88K india67%Export
PT Cita Mineral Investind..

We are one of the largest..

248 Employees$21K - $45K$66K indonesia40%Export

corporate structure, capi..

16 Employees$23K - $28K$99K united kingdom..9%Export
NOKASO Holding

5 Employees$10K - $21K$68K egypt10%Export
Polyglot Technology LLC

evaluation and data for m..

5 Employees$23K - $3K$75K united states ..13%Export

10 Employees$2K - $7K$80K united states ..95%Export

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Using Microsoft Excel for finding leads

The list of companies using Microsoft Excel serves as a critical informational asset for businesses seeking potential leads. From SMBs to large enterprises, numerous organizations across various sectors actively utilize Microsoft Excel for storing, organizing, and manipulating data. As such, the diverse spectrum of companies on this list exhibits a shared need for enhanced data management solutions, adding significant value to the sheet.

Accessing this list offers multiple advantages for sales teams. For a start, it hones their lead prospecting process, allowing them to focus their efforts on companies already familiar with digital data management solutions. This common point can be leveraged to strike meaningful conversations, addressing needs and challenges associated with Excel, thereby increasing the probability of conversion.

Furthermore, these are leads with a proven track record of adopting technology solutions for their business needs, making them highly receptive to products or services that align with their operational objectives and aid in streamlining tasks.

The list of Excel users also assists sales teams in segmenting their audience, resulting in a targeted outreach campaign. Companies on this list are likely to be more passionate about data-driven decision making, thus, outreach efforts can be appropriately tailored to highlight how your product fosters data literacy, integrity, and efficiency.

Simply put, using the list of companies that utilize Microsoft Excel is an enabler—an effective tool that guides sales efforts towards more fertile grounds and improves the chances of successful customer acquisition. It turns the vast ocean of potential leads into a manageable lake of opportunities, enhancing productivity and boosting sales performances.

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