Bluefish is a free and open-source text editor that provides a variety of tools for programming and website development. It allows users to edit multiple files simultaneously, highlighting the syntax for various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more. Bluefish also features an intuitive user interface with powerful search and replace capabilities, as well as support for remote file editing via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, among others. Additionally, it provides support for validating code to ensure standards compliance while developing web pages. Bluefish is available on Linux, Windows, macOS platforms and is designed for programmers, web designers, and anyone who needs a powerful tool for web development.

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794 Companies using Bluefish

logo is I..

28$42K - $36K$54K india66%
Biocell Center Corp.

10$29K - $36K$0 united states ..44%
logo Prop. We..

Empowering People & Busin..

55$48K - $3K$337 india28%
XApps Solutions

Software House in Egypt. ..

12$30K - $16K$85K egypt

en alaluf valoramos tu me..

63$39K - $16K$686 chile50%
Dynamic Hydrofab

Hydraulic Cylinders and H..

13$12K - $8K$5K india83%

13$33K - $16K$0 italy39%

12$16K - $46K$5K france100%
Washington State Beer Com..

Our Mission is to promote..

4$31K - $5K$16K united states ..22%
S&J Miller Construction, ..

8$21K - $33K$1K united states ..70%
VOLANDIA - Fondazione Mus..

5$46K - $44K$34K italy70%
Five Insurance Brokers Li..

14$45K - $31K$53K united kingdom..48%

Big Challenges, Simple So..

7$15K - $48K$61K uruguay36%
Big Park Water Company

5$15K - $26K$99K united states ..71%
S K R and Company LLP

Chartered Accountants

24$23K - $41K$96K india76%

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How to use Bluefish

Bluefish is a versatile text editor that can be used for programming and website development. Here are the steps to use Bluefish:

  1. Download and install Bluefish on your computer from the official website.
  2. Launch Bluefish on your computer.
  3. Create a new document or open an existing file.
  4. Write your code in Bluefish's editor.
  5. Use Bluefish's syntax highlighting and auto-complete features to make coding easier.
  6. Use the built-in tools to manage your files, such as the site manager or project manager.
  7. Preview your work in Bluefish's built-in browser, or use an external browser to check how your website looks.
  8. Use Bluefish's FTP capabilities to upload your website to a remote server.

Overall, Bluefish is a useful tool for anyone looking for a free and powerful text editor for programming and website development.

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