Adobe GoLive
Adobe GoLive

Adobe GoLive is a web development tool that allows users to create and manage websites using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. This means that the user can view and manipulate the website visually, without having to directly edit HTML code. Adobe GoLive provides features such as drag-and-drop design tools, layout grids, CSS support, and the ability to preview pages in different browsers. It also includes tools for site management, such as site mapping, FTP uploading, and project tracking. Adobe GoLive was popular among web designers in the early 2000s but has since been discontinued in favor of other web development tools offered by Adobe.

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5,805 Companies using Adobe GoLive

Whitfield & Brown (Develo..

25$26K - $36K$0 united kingdom..21%
Shannonside Capital

6$23K - $40K$0 malta75%
Electronic Hardware Corpo..

ehc has the largest selec..

18$23K - $45K$0 united states ..69%
HealthyLife.Net Radio Net..

Where Positive People and..

11$26K - $23K$99K united states ..88%
Trex Enterprises

49$20K - $8K$0 united states ..81%
Spec-Tech Industrial Elec..

Providing solutions with ..

13$14K - $9K$24K united states ..7%
Flying Frog Productions, ..

4$4K - $28K$17K united states ..58%
David Carrie LLC

44$3K - $23K$1K united states ..58%
American Airworks™

High pressure breathing a..

7$9K - $31K$76K united states ..62%
Casey Communications

We help our clients tell ..

15$36K - $30K$61K united states ..62%
Artemis Consulting, LLC

55$3K - $6K$53K united states ..69%
Skare Meat Packers K/S


125$33K - $40K$8K denmark84%
Pinnacle Polymers

Pinnacle participates in ..

85$14K - $42K$236 united states ..81%
Pantarij Chauffeursdienst..

tijdbesparend, comfortabe..

25$3K - $13K$59K netherlands21%
Downrite Engineering

89$41K - $13K$92K united states ..90%

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How to use Adobe GoLive

Adobe GoLive is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and web site management tool that allows you to create and manage your website with ease. Here are the steps to use Adobe GoLive:

  1. Install Adobe GoLive on your computer.
  2. Launch the application and create a new project by selecting “New Site” from the “File” menu.
  3. Specify the location of your website files in the “Site Definition” dialog box, and choose the type of site you want to create: local or remote.
  4. Use the site toolbar to create or edit web pages, add images, and format text using the WYSIWYG editor.
  5. Use the “Site” menu to manage your website’s files, folders, and links, upload files to your server, and test your site in a browser.
  6. Use the “Window” menu to open other panels, such as the “CSS Editor”, the “Code Inspector”, and the “Site Map”.
  7. Use the “Help” menu to access tutorials, user guides, and online resources that can help you learn how to use Adobe GoLive.

In summary, Adobe GoLive provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing your website, making it a great tool for beginners and advanced users alike.

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