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microCMS is a headless CMS (Content Management System) that provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both editors and developers to build delicate websites and applications. This platform is Japan-based, and it offers various features that make content management more straightforward.

In particular, microCMS's strength is its versatility as a headless CMS. This means that it separates the content creation process from the display of content on the frontend. Developers can use APIs to fetch and display data from the CMS in any way they choose. This flexibility enables developers to build custom sites and applications tailored to their specific needs without being limited by the CMS.

The platform has a simple and intuitive dashboard that allows editors to create and manage content without encountering technical challenges. It enables users to create different types of content such as pages, posts, products, and events with ease. There are also various built-in templates that editors can use to create visually appealing and responsive designs.

Moreover, microCMS has advanced features like SEO optimization, collaboration, and analytics to help users streamline their workflow and optimize their content. These features make it easy for teams to work together and ensure that their content is optimized for search engines.

In conclusion, microCMS is a powerful headless CMS platform that provides an intuitive interface and advanced features to enable editors and developers to create and manage delicate sites and applications easily.

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75 companies are currently using microCMS



next entertainment factor..

43 Employees$33K - $22K$83K japan63%Export
ナイル株式会社(Nyle Inc.)


45 Employees$18K - $47K$60K japan4%Export
bloomo securities

長期資産形成に特化した証券会社・fintech s..

5 Employees$31K - $23K$51K japan1%Export
Gaudiy, Inc.


45 Employees$35K - $43K$87K japan4%Export
DFA Robotics Inc.

our purpose is to propose..

9 Employees$13K - $28K$59K japan71%Export

31 Employees$1K - $40K$66K japan11%Export

we support the decision m..

334 Employees$34K - $32K$55K japan68%Export
Plus Alpha Consulting Co...

5 Employees$36K - $7K$93K japan21%Export
TAM, Inc.


82 Employees$7K - $23K$56K japan84%Export
KINTO Corporation

seamless and smart mobili..

44 Employees$32K - $6K$82K japan84%Export

『 個人の可能性を最大化する 』

15 Employees$44K - $40K$55K japan34%Export
Whole Earth Foundation

combining gamification an..

8 Employees$15K - $36K$75K singapore79%Export

207 Employees$29K - $18K$84K japan49%Export

ケップルは、「create new industr..

17 Employees$37K - $30K$78K japan76%Export

"brands, be in style." - ..

7 Employees$41K - $44K$76K japan51%Export

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Using microCMS for finding leads

The list of companies leveraging microCMS provides notable value for several reasons. First and foremost, all enterprises in this list have demonstrated a proactive approach towards adopting modern web technologies, such as a headless CMS. They form a dynamic community of forward-looking companies, who are always on the lookout for maximizing efficiency, innovation, and creating impeccable user experiences.

This list is a crucial asset for sales teams. By accessing this group of companies that are using microCMS, sales agents can target businesses that are already familiar with technology products like headless CMS platforms. By virtue of this familiarity, these companies are more likely to be receptive to relevant technology offerings, shortening the sales cycle significantly.

Additionally, the list also gives sales teams the opportunity to engage with these firms about their experiences and challenges faced while using microCMS. Understanding these pain points enables businesses to tailor their products or services more accurately, thus enhancing the potential of a successful sale.

Moreover, the diversity in terms of industry and size of companies using microCMS can help sales teams widen the sales funnel. It can aid in segmenting and identifying the 'ideal customer profile' according to the market served, size of the company, or any other relevant metrics.

In summary, leveraging the list of companies using microCMS can optimize the lead prospecting process, ensuring sales efforts are targeted, relevant, and therefore drastically improving the chance of successful conversions. By capitalizing on shared use of technology, sales teams can deepen their understanding, refine their approach, and increase their market penetration.

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