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The Melis Platform is a web development framework that simplifies the process of creating decentralized applications (DApps) on the blockchain. It provides developers with a set of tools and libraries to build DApps that are secure, scalable, and interoperable.

Melis Platform leverages blockchain technology to enable decentralized data storage, transparent transactions, and smart contract execution. This allows for trustless and tamper-proof applications, eliminating the need for intermediaries and centralized authorities.

With Melis Platform, developers can utilize various programming languages such as Solidity, JavaScript, and Python to build their DApps. The platform offers features like identity management, access control, and decentralized storage, making it easier for developers to create robust and user-friendly applications.

Furthermore, Melis Platform supports integration with different blockchains, enabling developers to choose the underlying blockchain that best suits their requirements. It also provides developer-friendly APIs and documentation, facilitating the development process and reducing the learning curve for building blockchain-based applications.

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6 companies are currently using Melis Platform


DEKRA / Controle Techniqu..

notre priorité, votre séc..

6 Employees$35K - $18K$98K france91%Export
C T A V Contrôle Techniqu..

2 Employees$19K - $35K$69K france58%Export

2 Employees$22K - $47K$98K belgium21%Export
Musee Bernard D Agesci

- Employees$4K - $14K$77K france21%Export
Contrôle Technnique Auto ..

- Employees$12K - $46K$76K france95%Export
Auto Contrôle Grenoblois ..

une entreprise spécialist..

- Employees$14K - $48K$54K france57%Export

Using Melis Platform for finding leads

The list of companies using the Melis Platform is tailor-made for sales teams seeking to find potential leads in the realm of high-tech and innovative software solutions. Companies on this list have already demonstrated a commitment to cutting-edge technology and improving efficiency and productivity through the use of the Melis Platform. This engagement with superior tech solutions indicates a high potential for openness to other innovative products, services, or complementary solutions.

Sales teams can leverage this list to understand the technological preferences and investment patterns of potential leads. The presence of a company on this list signals an aptitude for innovative tech, potentially marking that company as a prime lead for sales of advanced, technologically-driven offerings. This targeted information can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of prospecting efforts.

Moreover, knowing the industries and market segments these companies occupy can further help sales to customize their pitch in alignment with the potential leads' operational verticals and specific pain-points. Understanding the context in which these potential leads use the Melis Platform can yield valuable insights into their industry-specific needs, thereby allowing sales teams to tailor their offering to these needs directly.

Finally, the list also serves as a way to monitor industry trends and competitors. By observing which businesses adopt the Melis Platform, sales representatives can stay apprised of dynamic shifts in the market, as well as monitor competitor activities and technology adoption patterns.

In summary, the list of companies using the Melis Platform provides highly specific and valuable information to all sales teams wishing to streamline their prospecting process, more accurately identify promising leads, and refine their sales pitches. It's an indispensable resource for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive landscape of tech sales.

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