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MDUI is a CSS framework that follows the principles of material design. It provides a set of pre-designed UI elements such as buttons, cards, and forms that can be easily integrated into web applications. MDUI uses a responsive grid system to ensure consistency across devices and supports customization through its SASS variables. Its design language emphasizes the use of shadows, lighting, and depth effects to provide a tactile experience for users. MDUI also includes features like animation and transitions to enhance the user experience. The framework is lightweight, with a file size around 30KB and is compatible with all modern browsers. Overall, MDUI enables developers to create modern, visually appealing web applications by leveraging the design principles of material design.

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229 companies are currently using MDUI


Aohua Endoscopy Co., Ltd...

become the world's leadin..

83 Employees$11K - $14K$73K china49%Export


42 Employees$20K - $38K$73K china97%Export
BPS Capital Ltd

bps capital was founded b..

3 Employees$9K - $34K$55K united kingdom..13%Export
THT Heat Transfer Technol..

the world's leading suppl..

93 Employees$39K - $16K$72K china11%Export

19 Employees$34K - $6K$66K china70%Export
Shenzhen BOWEI Education ..

make training and teachin..

7 Employees$27K - $38K$75K china76%Export
Zopo Furniture

Professional production a..

7 Employees$23K - $3K$79K china84%Export
Beijing SMIC Private Scho..

honor | excellence | comm..

34 Employees$18K - $15K$75K china25%Export

making virtual world a ne..

2 Employees$24K - $17K$85K china83%Export
Changzhou Enkair Valve Co..

Best Thermostatic Valve i..

2 Employees$3K - $9K$70K china58%Export

Specialized in Logistic E..

3 Employees$43K - $34K$74K china58%Export


3 Employees$3K - $43K$73K -87%Export

An asset management firm ..

6 Employees$35K - $40K$74K china53%Export
Joygino Mobile Phone LCD ..

Reliable Mobile Phone LCD..

1 Employees$14K - $22K$79K china51%Export

ceramic tile/porcelain ti..

7 Employees$16K - $35K$100K china7%Export

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Using MDUI for finding leads

The list of companies using MDUI, a robust CSS Framework based on material design, can be an invaluable resource for sales teams in finding leads. This compilation provides concrete evidence of the broad industry adoption of MDUI, thus highlighting the potential market for related products and services.

Firstly, the list introduces possible introductions to enterprises with a demonstrated interest in using MDUI or similar technologies. By aligning their offerings with the material design principles that MDUI is built upon, sales teams can tailor their pitches to meet the specific interests and needs of these companies.

Additionally, the list can be used to study trends and growth in the technology's adoption across different sectors. This gleans valuable insights about the market landscape, such as identifying industries where MDUI is gaining traction. For relevant businesses, this could translate into new opportunities for sales or partnerships.

Furthermore, a prospect's use of a specific technology like MDUI can indicate their readiness to invest in enhancing their web design infrastructure. The list of companies using MDUI can act as a segmentation tool, helping to prioritize high-value leads that are likely to be highly receptive to pitches for associated web design services or products.

Finally, by identifying and understanding the needs and preferences of companies already using MDUI, sales teams can refine their sales strategies, product offerings, and promotional methods. This can increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts, generate high-quality leads, and potentially – enhance conversion rates.

In summary, a curated list of companies utilizing the MDUI CSS Framework can offer distinct advantages for sales teams pursuing leads. It provides an understanding of potential clientele, insights into market trends, and a targeted pool of leads likely to be interested in services or products aligned with material design principles and MDUI.

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