Companies using Livefyre

Livefyre is a social platform that enables websites to increase social interaction by integrating with popular social media platforms. It allows users to create real-time conversations around posts, photos, and videos on the website. Livefyre also provides features like content curation, user-generated content management, and analytics to help businesses optimize social engagement. The platform supports various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. With Livefyre's real-time commenting feature, conversations are updated instantly so users can stay engaged without refreshing the page. Additionally, it enables brands and publishers to personalize their content through social integrations, creating a more interactive and engaging experience for their audience. Overall, Livefyre helps businesses to drive social engagement and improve customer relationships by leveraging the power of social media.

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130,792 companies are currently using Livefyre



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58 Employees$7K - $28K$62K united states ..12%Export

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9 Employees$34K - $38K$56K united states ..17%Export
Elontec LLC.

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49 Employees$14K - $25K$96K united states ..23%Export
FIXAR Global

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31 Employees$17K - $22K$82K latvia53%Export
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136 Employees$46K - $42K$90K united states ..31%Export
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Using Livefyre for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Livefyre offers immense value to sales teams in the search for leads. As Livefyre is a platform fostering enhanced social interaction, these companies are likely to be digitally-engaged, innovative, and attuned to the importance of customer interaction and engagement.

Sales teams can leverage this list to identify potential leads who understand the value of innovating how they communicate with their audiences. As these businesses are harnessing the power of Livefyre, they demonstrate an aptitude towards investing in tools that enhance their customer relationships, making for potentially attractive leads.

By honing in on these companies, sales teams can tailor their sales pitches, showcasing how their products or services align with the company's already demonstrated drive for enhanced social interaction and digital engagement. This not only works toward ensuring a more successful lead generation strategy, but it also potentially reduces the time spent on leads that may not have as strong a commitment to these key drivers.

In short, this list effectively identifies businesses that have already invested in the social web—their interest in similar solutions is almost a given. With this useful list, sales teams can cultivate a highly-targeted strategy to connect with firms with a shared commitment to digital innovation specifically in the sphere of user engagement. This is an invaluable resource for those seeking companies who have not only recognized the need for digital transformation but have taken the leap towards integrating novel customer engagement solutions. Here's the Livefyre Website for easy reference.

Alternatives to Livefyre

Thera are a total of 8 alternatives available for Livefyre

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