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IntenseDebate is a commenting system designed for blogs on platforms such as Typepad, Blogger and Wordpress. It offers advanced features to blog owners to manage comments from one place, including the ability to moderate and track comments, analyze comment data, and aggregate comments. The system also supports threading, which allows users to respond directly to specific comments, and assigns user reputation scores based on factors like the number of approved comments and upvotes received. This can help encourage positive contributions to the community and discourage spam or trolling. IntenseDebate is intended to enhance the commenting experience for both blog owners and readers by providing a powerful set of tools to manage and engage with comments in a streamlined and organized way.

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135 companies are currently using IntenseDebate



the world's gone mobile, ..

10 Employees$36K - $10K$74K united states ..47%Export
logo Technologies Gm..

the power to improve

6 Employees$46K - $19K$57K germany35%Export
Evangelism Explosion Inte..

equipping believers aroun..

235 Employees$27K - $48K$83K united states ..13%Export
Greg Atkinson Consulting,..

we help create kinder and..

1 Employees$23K - $18K$89K united states ..54%Export
RidgeGarrett Application ..

2 Employees$45K - $49K$72K united states ..61%Export
Montpellier Culture Sport..

valorisation et socialisa..

6 Employees$12K - $34K$97K france83%Export
information guide africa

africa's biggest media we..

5 Employees$23K - $20K$56K nigeria90%Export
Organika Ukraina

5 Employees$34K - $12K$71K ukraine49%Export

la prima testata italiana..

4 Employees$8K - $4K$91K italy83%Export
Konkurs Budowa Roku PZITB..

konkurs jest organizowany..

2 Employees$42K - $26K$96K poland53%Export
Reinhart Marketing

need help getting new cus..

2 Employees$50K - $11K$98K united states ..97%Export

4 Employees$46K - $40K$92K united states ..71%Export
Autônomo na WEB!

aprenda a empreender e se..

8 Employees$32K - $25K$100K brazil82%Export
Martín Holgado Obra Civil..

más de 4 décadas de exper..

15 Employees$13K - $16K$69K spain90%Export
Alachua County Today

3 Employees$24K - $38K$75K united states ..90%Export

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Using IntenseDebate for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing IntenseDebate for their blog commenting system provides valuable insight for sales teams looking for new leads. By analyzing companies that actively use this technology, sales professionals can target businesses based on their proven commitment to engaging with their audience through robust blog discussion infrastructure, adding a strategic edge to their outreach efforts.

This list serves as a manifestation of modern businesses emphasizing on improving their customer engagement, especially in the blogosphere. It could potentially include companies ranging from emerging startups to established enterprises that leverage IntenseDebate in their content strategy, reflecting a commitment to fostering rich dialogues and interactive discussions.

Diving into this list allows sales teams to pinpoint potential clients who value customer interaction, moderating comments and understanding user analytics, key aspects that IntenseDebate offers. Such clients could be interested in similar technologies, digital marketing solutions, and services aimed at enhancing web presence and customer experience. Hence, a targeted approach towards these companies could result in higher conversion rates compared to a generic prospecting strategy.

Furthermore, studying the list can help discern industry trends, identifying sectors that heavily rely on platforms like IntenseDebate for audience engagement. This valuable knowledge can inform future prospecting strategies, rendering them more efficient and effective.

To summarize, the list of companies using IntenseDebate is a powerful resource for sales teams. It aids in identifying potential prospects committed to customer engagement, offers insights into industry trends, and catalyzes the formulation of personalized, targeted outreach strategies which could significantly enhance lead generation and potential conversion rates.

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