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Isso, which translates to "Ich schrei sonst" in German, is a lightweight, standalone commenting server designed to support comments on static websites. Conceived to be an alternative to third-party comment embedding services like Disqus, Isso offers website owners more control over their site's data and avoids the privacy issues related to using embedded third-party solutions.

The server component of Isso is written in Python and the client-side is implemented in JavaScript, making it lightweight and efficient. Leveraging SQLite as its database system, Isso stores all comments on the server where it is hosted, providing more direct control and security over the data.

Isso features a simple, RESTful JSON API, supporting multiple functionalities often necessary for a comments system. These include adding, fetching, and moderating comments. On another note, Isso also supports features such as email notifications for new comments, reply notifications for users, and Gravatar support for profile pictures.

In terms of usage, the Isso server can be embedded into the back-end of a website, while the JavaScript client script needs to be included in the static website where comments are required. Website owners can customize the appearance of the comments section using CSS.

When a visitor submits a comment through the client-side interface, that comment data is sent to the Isso server using AJAX requests. The server then processes and stores the comment data in the SQLite database. Whenever comments for a certain webpage are requested, the server fetches relevant comment data from the SQLite database and sends it back to the client-side for rendering.

Isso boasts a simple setup and configuration process. The server can be set up on nearly any system that can run Python, and its standalone nature implies that it doesn't require incorporation into a larger backend system. The configuration of Isso involves specifying parameters like database location, server listening port, admin email for notifications, and spam protection settings.

In sum, Isso is a versatile, lightweight and secure self-hosted comment system that gives website owners more command over their website's commenting capabilities, helping them to maintain the privacy of their users and the integrity of their site's content.

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Using Isso for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Isso represents a well-curated directory of potential prospects for sales teams. This concise yet comprehensive list comprises entities that understand the importance of interactivity and community building on their platforms, demonstrated by their use of Isso's lightweight commenting server.

Firstly, this list can help sales professionals identify organizations that value advanced web technologies in their operations. Knowing that a company uses Isso might indicate its openness to other sophisticated web solutions, making these companies more prospective customers for related web technology products or services.

Secondly, this list can provide insights into the size and type of organizations utilizing Isso. If a sales team notices that most companies using Isso fall into a specific industry or size range, this can help shape their approach, messaging strategy, and resource allocation to cater to similar profiles.

Lastly, the list can serve as a starting point for competitor analysis, allowing sales teams to understand what web technologies their prospects are currently using. This can help when pitching their own product or solution, by showcasing how it can complement or enhance the current tech stack involving Isso.

In summary, a list of companies using Isso is a valuable resource for sales teams, offering a clear roadmap to companies that value robust web interactivity features. It provides pivotal industry insights and helps hone strategic efforts, positioning sales initiatives for success.

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