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Libravatar is a service that provides avatar images for email addresses and OpenIDs. It allows users to associate an image or icon with their online identity, which can be used across different platforms and websites. Libravatar aims to maintain user privacy by not linking the avatar image directly to any personal information.

When a user signs up for Libravatar, they can upload an image or choose from a selection of default avatars. The service then assigns a unique identifier to the user's email address or OpenID, which can be used to retrieve the associated avatar image.

Websites and applications can integrate Libravatar by making requests to its API, providing the email address or OpenID as a parameter. Libravatar responds with the corresponding avatar image if available, or a default image if not.

By offering a centralized and privacy-focused approach to avatar management, Libravatar simplifies the process of displaying consistent user identities across different online platforms while respecting user privacy.

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4 companies are currently using Libravatar


Be American Made

celebrating american-made..

1 Employees$8K - $25K$51K united states ..8%Export
Eater Space

trouver le restaurant idé..

2 Employees$37K - $22K$59K france95%Export
Fuga ing. Federico

1 Employees$42K - $20K$55K -19%Export

1 Employees$41K - $21K$66K belgium36%Export

Using Libravatar for finding leads

The list provided on this page represents an assortment of organizations actively employing Libravatar, a privacy-focused service for retrieving avatar images linked to e-mail addresses and OpenIDs.

This list holds substantial value for sales teams seeking new leads. Each company utilizing Libravatar demonstrates an affirmative concern for data privacy and user experience, valuable insights to shape tailored sales strategies. A scan of this directory reveals potential leads that prioritize privacy-conscious solutions, presenting an opportunity to offer goods or services that uphold similar principles.

Moreover, companies on this list are presumably up-to-date with web technologies and forward-thinking in their approach to handling user data. They are expected to be drawn to solutions that synergize with their commitment to securing and respecting user privacy. A glimpse into their usage of Libravatar can anticipate their needs and thematically align proposed sales solutions.

In essence, this list serves as more than a simple directory of names; it is a curated collection of promising leads exhibiting shared interests and values. For sales teams, this translates into an efficient means of segmenting the market, allowing them to dive straight into crafting focused pitches for a receptive audience, saving time and resources.

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