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Lede is a publishing platform and growth program specifically designed to support journalism startups and news media. It offers a suite of tools to help publishers run their websites, including content management, analytics, email marketing, and more.

One of the primary goals of Lede is to help publishers grow their audience and increase revenue. To achieve this, Lede provides training and guidance on various aspects of digital publishing, such as audience development, SEO, monetization strategies, and data analysis.

In addition to these resources, Lede also has a community of like-minded publishers who can share advice, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects. This network helps foster a sense of camaraderie among members and provides opportunities for learning and growth.

Another key feature of Lede is its focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in journalism. The program aims to support underrepresented voices and promote more inclusive storytelling by offering mentorship programs, grants, and other resources to diverse journalists.

Overall, Lede is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of tools and resources to help publishers succeed in the digital landscape. Its focus on growth, community-building, and diversity make it an attractive option for anyone looking to launch or expand a news media venture.

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11 companies are currently using Lede



a community of entreprene..

22 Employees$43K - $2K$67K united states ..97%Export
Capital B

news we need

24 Employees$25K - $21K$77K united states ..11%Export

we're hiring! check out h..

61 Employees$22K - $44K$68K united states ..89%Export
Defector Media LLC

a new kind of media compa..

20 Employees$8K - $16K$96K united states ..39%Export

lede is a purpose-built p..

6 Employees$21K - $20K$57K united states ..50%Export

celebrating the taco life..

19 Employees$2K - $6K$97K united states ..98%Export
Streetsblog Denver

streetsblog denver inform..

2 Employees$38K - $19K$52K united states ..13%Export

streetsblogmass covers th..

1 Employees$5K - $27K$60K united states ..45%Export
Streetsblog San Francisco..

13 Employees$5K - $11K$88K -36%Export

1 Employees$12K - $18K$90K united states ..52%Export

- Employees$22K - $2K$98K united states ..43%

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Using Lede for finding leads

This effectively curated list of companies utilizing Lede serves as a valuable resource for sales teams. It provides insights into businesses that prioritize cutting-edge publishing platforms and growth programs tailored for journalism startups and news media. These insights can prove invaluable for businesses looking to target potential leads with similar needs and expectations.

With this rich dataset, sales teams can gain a comprehensive view of the market landscape. It allows for discerning the companies that appreciate advanced tools aimed at improving their publishing process, expanding reach, and driving engagement. By focusing on these companies, sales efforts can be streamlined and directed towards the most promising prospects.

The list doesn't merely help in identifying potential leads. It goes further, offering a glimpse into these businesses' preferences regarding publishing and growth tools. This insight can be leveraged when crafting individualized approaches and sales pitches that resonate with these prospective clients' needs and pain points. Understanding the tendencies and preferences of these businesses better equips teams to formulate robust sales strategies.

Furthermore, this list underscores market trends. Understanding which types of businesses are adopting Lede can help prioritize sectors or industries ripe for outreach. By zeroing in on these areas, sales teams can optimize their efforts, ensuring their time and resources are utilized for maximum impact.

In conclusion, the vast amount of information encapsulated in the list of companies using Lede offers sales teams a unique opportunity. With this advantage, they can more effectively identify, understand, engage with, and eventually convert their most promising leads. It is a powerful tool for not only finding but also understanding potential clients in a deeply nuanced way.

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