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Leaflet is not a price testing platform for Shopify. Instead, it is an open-source JavaScript library used for creating interactive and customizable maps on websites. Leaflet provides a variety of features such as zooming, panning, and adding markers to maps. It is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to integrate into web applications without compromising performance. Additionally, Leaflet has a large community of developers who have created numerous plugins that extend its functionality, allowing developers to add more advanced features to their maps. Leaflet can be used with various mapping providers like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, and Mapbox. It also supports mobile devices, enabling the creation of responsive maps that work well on both desktop and mobile platforms. Leaflet is a popular choice for web applications that require integrating maps, such as location-based services and delivery apps.

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15 companies are currently using Leaflet platform


Walker Edison

live outside the box™

164 Employees$29K - $13K$63K united states ..16%Export
spotLESS Materials

we engineer anti-fouling ..

5 Employees$48K - $7K$70K united states ..51%Export
Myles Apparel

men’s performance apparel..

5 Employees$23K - $4K$55K united states ..29%Export

8 Employees$24K - $3K$87K united states ..80%Export

real taste. real portable..

5 Employees$30K - $35K$84K united states ..61%Export

47 Employees$19K - $14K$98K united states ..99%Export

the world's most authenti..

12 Employees$25K - $16K$60K united states ..35%Export

upgrade your toilet paper..

8 Employees$22K - $46K$88K united states ..47%Export
Grow It Depot

we supply. you grow.

2 Employees$28K - $17K$90K united states ..39%Export
Fornessi Ltd

dtc baby products busines..

1 Employees$29K - $48K$66K united kingdom..95%Export
Bali Lash

makeup made easy

1 Employees$25K - $49K$57K -19%Export
spotLESS Materials Websit..

- Employees$45K - $40K$75K united states ..98%
MacroFrame Photo, Video

We provide quality photog..

- Employees$45K - $9K$59K -78%Export

- Employees$31K - $41K$73K united states ..71%
O2 Living

- Employees$23K - $44K$96K united states ..52%Export

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Using Leaflet platform for finding leads

The list of companies employing the Leaflet platform offers immense value for various reasons. It presents a curated collection of businesses actively leveraging increasingly popular price testing tools on the Shopify platform. Leaflet, being at the forefront of such technology, is a crucial service for ecommerce businesses looking to optimize their pricing strategies and increase profitability. Therefore, the list acts as a ready-made group of prospective leads that value innovation, effective ecommerce solutions and are likely invested in improving their online selling tactics.

Sales teams can utilize this list to streamline their lead generation efforts, primarily focusing on companies that are already cognizant of the benefits of advanced price testing. These businesses have shown a proclivity towards embracing innovative solutions to drive their business growth. Hence, they constitute high-potential leads for other complementary services or products that enhance ecommerce operations, sales efficiency, or any solutions intended to optimize their pricing tactics, conversion rates, or overall profitability.

Furthermore, the list helps in understanding market trends and ascertaining business needs more effectively. It may draw attention to specific industry segments or company sizes that tend to adopt solutions like Leaflet more readily. This preference pattern can guide in developing tailored sales strategies or designing customized solutions that cater to such businesses' specific requirements.

By targeting businesses listed as Leaflet platform users, sales teams can initiate conversations around demonstrated needs, thereby increasing relevance and enhancing the probability of lead conversion.

In summary, the list of companies using the Leaflet platform serves as a valuable resource for lead prospecting, enabling sales teams to tailor their approach, target potential clients more accurately, and potentially increase their success rates.

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