Companies using Leaflet


Leaflet is a JavaScript library used for creating interactive and mobile-friendly maps. It is an open-source library that allows developers to create dynamic maps with features such as zooming, panning, and adding markers or layers. Leaflet supports different types of maps, including tiled maps, GeoJSON data, and image overlays. It is also easy to customize the appearance of Leaflet maps using CSS. The library is lightweight and designed to work efficiently on both desktop and mobile devices. Developers can extend the functionality of Leaflet by adding plugins provided by the community or by creating their own. Leaflet is widely used in web development, especially for creating location-based applications such as ride-sharing services or real-estate websites.

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163,308 companies are currently using Leaflet


The Dyrt

the dyrt is a top ranked ..

40 Employees$43K - $27K$56K united states ..54%Export

harvest your organization..

18 Employees$47K - $6K$82K united states ..63%Export

powering the world's visu..

58 Employees$16K - $1K$83K united states ..83%Export

🚀 lifelong learning enth..

11 Employees$26K - $31K$93K united kingdom..67%Export

nautical information for ..

20 Employees$23K - $36K$57K united kingdom..24%Export

stress-free, in-home vete..

127 Employees$2K - $31K$81K united states ..50%Export
Wall-to-Wall Studios

full-service integrated b..

30 Employees$9K - $46K$86K united states ..87%Export

solving the world's lithi..

88 Employees$46K - $36K$73K united states ..34%Export

building bridges between ..

9 Employees$23K - $19K$68K united states ..78%Export

making it easy to transit..

25 Employees$47K - $1K$79K united states ..20%Export
Seventh Generation

we’re on a mission to nur..

166 Employees$36K - $38K$71K united states ..63%Export
TayCo Brace

a revolutionary external ..

25 Employees$16K - $29K$86K united states ..90%Export

bringing the power of web..

38 Employees$32K - $18K$93K united states ..30%Export
FIXAR Global

autonomous uavs for defen..

31 Employees$29K - $40K$64K latvia75%Export
rePurpose Global

world's leading plastic a..

86 Employees$25K - $14K$62K united states ..56%Export

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Using Leaflet for finding leads

The list of companies using Leaflet provides a curated selection of potential leads who have already realized the value of interactive, mobile-friendly maps in their operations. It offers a valuable insight into businesses that value high-quality web interactions and spatial data visualizations, indicating a keen interest in advancements in web technologies.

Such businesses are more likely to invest in tools, services, and solutions that further enhance their user interface and user experience. Therefore, they make for excellent prospects for businesses offering complementary web technologies, user experience consultancies, data visualization tools, and location-based services platforms.

Sales teams can use this list to target their outreach more effectively. The knowledge that these companies use Leaflet gives an understanding of their technical environment and needs, offering an informed starting point for conversations. It provides context to tailor pitches and solutions to each company's specific needs, thus improving the chances of conversion.

Additionally, this list can help with identifying industry trends, as the distribution of the companies across various sectors can showcase where Leaflet, and by extension advanced map visualization, is seeing the most uptake. Such information is beneficial for expansion strategies, guiding development and sales efforts as per industry demand.

In any B2B sales effort, having a targeted approach is a known best practice. The list of companies using Leaflet allows sales teams to focus their efforts on businesses that have already shown a propensity to invest in similar technologies, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their lead generation process.

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