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HERE is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that provides various tools for creating custom maps, visualizing location datasets, gathering insights, and exchanging location assets. It's designed to simplify the process of developing location-specific applications by providing developers with access to advanced location-based technology without requiring them to build everything from scratch.

With HERE, developers can create their own custom maps that are tailored to their specific needs. These maps can be used to display various types of data, such as real-time traffic, weather conditions, or points of interest. The platform also offers a range of visualization tools that enable developers to present complex location data in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way.

One of the key features of HERE is its ability to gather location-based insights. Developers can use the platform to collect and analyze data about user behavior, traffic patterns, and other location-related information. This data can then be used to optimize applications and services, making them more effective and efficient.

Another benefit of HERE is that it provides a marketplace where developers can buy and sell location assets. These assets include things like map data, geocoding services, and other location-based resources that can be integrated into applications.

Overall, HERE is a powerful and flexible platform that enables developers to create sophisticated location-based applications quickly and easily. With its wide range of tools and capabilities, it has become a popular choice among businesses and organizations looking to leverage the power of location data.

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108 Employees$39K - $46K$65K france27%Export
The Ad Firm

roi focused digital marke..

17 Employees$12K - $7K$72K united states ..65%Export
Share to Buy

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9 Employees$13K - $4K$78K united kingdom..77%Export

delivery unlimited 📦

16,392 Employees$19K - $25K$99K united arab em..71%Export
TechTalk Summits

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12 Employees$24K - $2K$68K united states ..92%Export

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35,673 Employees$45K - $28K$94K united kingdom..12%Export
Banesco USA

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355 Employees$31K - $24K$55K united states ..86%Export
Hyundai Motor Deutschland..

183 Employees$36K - $31K$77K germany27%Export
B&M Retail

7,638 Employees$48K - $46K$62K united kingdom..27%Export
Reliant Home Funding, Inc..

mortgage made easy.

34 Employees$8K - $3K$70K united states ..81%Export
Bliss Drive

orange county seo company..

23 Employees$11K - $33K$100K united states ..84%Export

il primo premium food del..

14 Employees$49K - $32K$61K italy70%Export
Donatos Pizza

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1,337 Employees$24K - $29K$63K united states ..98%Export

un vélo où vous voulez, q..

12 Employees$36K - $13K$87K france83%Export
Justice Tax, LLC

tax relief for all

24 Employees$19K - $12K$69K united states ..72%Export

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Using Here for finding leads

The list of companies engaging with the HERE platform offers a wealth of opportunities for sales teams. As HERE is a robust Platform-as-a-Service tool for creating custom maps and visualizing location datasets, businesses that utilize this technology are likely innovative and data-driven, making them potential leads for a variety of products and services.

Every name on this page equates to a potential opportunity. The diversity of businesses using HERE suggests a wide range of industries and sectors are engaged with these sophisticated mapping solutions, providing a fertile ground for lead generation.

The list can be leveraged to understand the particular tech stack of a potential lead. Knowing a company uses HERE demonstrates they value data visualization and mapping insights, potentially signifying interest in other data management, visualization tools, or advanced analytics solutions.

This list also implies a certain level of technical sophistication. Businesses using HERE have a clear understanding of their platform needs, and likely maintain a strong tech infrastructure. These companies could be prospective customers for software offerings, IT consulting, hardware solutions, or other tech-based products.

Sales teams can use this list for direct outreach, targeting companies with tailored messages based on their use of HERE. Armed with this list, teams can strategically align pitches to the specifics of such a tech-savvy, data-driven audience.

This list provides an edge in the intensely competitive sales landscape, offering direct insight into a dynamic and potentially under-tapped market. By targeting businesses on this list, sales teams can connect more effectively with potential leads who are already engaged in advanced web technologies, thereby improving the overall efficiency and success of their lead prospecting efforts.

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