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Koken is a content management system (CMS) designed specifically for photographers and visual artists to showcase and manage their work online. It was first launched in 2010 and has since gained popularity among professional and amateur photographers alike.

Koken offers a range of features that make it easy for photographers to build and maintain a portfolio website. The platform includes customizable themes, drag-and-drop page building functionality, and built-in support for high-resolution images and videos.

One of the unique aspects of Koken is its "publishing" system which allows photographers to create albums of photos and publish them as "published" or "draft." This feature enables photographers to organize and revise their work before making it available to the public.

Koken also includes an integrated e-commerce system, which enables photographers to sell prints and digital downloads of their work directly from their website. This feature is particularly useful for photographers looking to monetize their work.

Overall, Koken provides photographers with a user-friendly and customizable platform for showcasing and selling their work online. Its focus on photography-specific features and ease of use makes it an attractive option for photographers looking to establish a professional web presence.

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329 companies are currently using Koken


Rudy Meyers Photography

rudy meyers photography—n..

3 Employees$6K - $49K$83K united states ..2%Export

from research to building..

6 Employees$43K - $49K$50K belgium94%Export
Jorge Parra Photography

miami-based advertising &..

1 Employees$16K - $17K$64K united states ..28%Export

photography and graphic d..

3 Employees$40K - $47K$95K belgium22%Export

38 Employees$11K - $21K$73K france4%Export

3 Employees$22K - $44K$77K france15%Export
Urban Factory

3 Employees$49K - $6K$54K spain33%Export
S&J Miller Construction, ..

8 Employees$23K - $31K$71K united states ..36%Export

social media content mana..

1 Employees$39K - $29K$51K austria69%Export

4 Employees$17K - $38K$62K belgium34%Export
Yercekim Architectural Ph..

3 Employees$47K - $37K$94K türkiye45%Export
Annelies van 't Hul Fotog..

verhalenfotograaf | ik ve..

2 Employees$3K - $2K$69K netherlands89%Export
Chalking Wolf - food illu..

illustraties, wandtekenin..

2 Employees$28K - $31K$61K netherlands65%Export
Nicholas Young & Co

1 Employees$12K - $3K$84K united kingdom..56%Export
Uptaken Photo Studio

2 Employees$8K - $42K$93K france91%Export

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Using Koken for finding leads

This robust list of companies using Koken offers valuable insights and opportunities for sales teams. As Koken is a popular choice for a content management and web site publishing system, understanding which companies employ this technology can significantly enhance lead generation processes.

This comprehensive list showcases a variety of businesses, varying in size and industry, all utilizing Koken for their digital presence. It's an invaluable resource for locating prospects with specific technological preferences or needs. Every business on this list has already recognized the benefits of Koken, thereby indicating a propensity to invest in web technology solutions.

Sales representatives leveraging this list can target their outreach to businesses already demonstrating a commitment to innovative web technologies. Furthermore, understanding a prospect's technology stack can help a sales team to customize their pitch, offering specific integrations or services that align with the use of Koken.

Moreover, this list can also aid sales teams in identifying trends and patterns in Koken usage. Such insights might highlight specific industries or regions where Koken is particularly prevalent, assisting sales strategies to focus on these high-potential target markets.

Lastly, sales teams can also utilize this list to track the growth and market penetration of Koken. By monitoring the changes and growth in companies using this technology, sales reps can stay ahead of market trends and find new leads.

To sum up, this list is an indispensable tool for sales teams, providing a competitive edge in finding leads, understanding client needs, and tailoring successful, personalized sales tactics.

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