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Kakao is a South Korean technology company that provides various online services to users. Its flagship product is KakaoTalk, a messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other through messages, voice and video calls. In addition to KakaoTalk, the company provides several other services such as KakaoStory, a social media platform where users can share their daily stories and photos, and KakaoPay, a digital wallet that allows users to make payments for goods and services.

Kakao has also expanded its business operations to include e-commerce and content services. Kakao Commerce provides an online shopping platform where users can purchase a wide range of products, while Kakao Page offers a variety of digital content such as e-books, webtoons, and music.

One significant aspect of Kakao is that it offers a unified account system called Kakao Account, which enables users to access all of its services with a single login. This feature makes it easy for users to navigate between different Kakao services without having to create multiple accounts.

Overall, Kakao's diverse range of online services and its focus on convenience and user experience has made it one of the most popular tech companies in Korea and beyond.

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2,794 companies are currently using Kakao



switzerland-based technol..

23 Employees$2K - $19K$92K switzerland94%Export
S2A Modular

s2a modular is designing ..

19 Employees$2K - $21K$83K united states ..96%Export

blumira makes it easy to ..

65 Employees$1K - $13K$75K united states ..15%Export
Oxford Instruments Andor

global leaders in manufac..

366 Employees$35K - $31K$60K united kingdom..27%Export
Clever Care Health Plan

the clever choice for com..

146 Employees$21K - $29K$56K united states ..43%Export
Asian Americans Advancing..

Advocating for civil righ..

97 Employees$41K - $13K$60K united states ..88%Export
Mini Rodini

mini rodini was founded i..

89 Employees$37K - $10K$93K sweden14%Export

18 Employees$3K - $6K$68K united states ..33%Export
Atarw Technologies

(subsidiary of quest info..

12 Employees$40K - $50K$88K india6%Export
StreamCoin (STRM)

the gateway to the future..

20 Employees$24K - $18K$63K costa rica64%Export

wisk is the food&beverage..

27 Employees$30K - $37K$52K canada76%Export
Total Health Dental Care

the future of dentistry

63 Employees$5K - $21K$100K united states ..83%Export
The Animals Observatory


27 Employees$25K - $47K$50K spain41%Export
Oxford Instruments plc

oxford instruments is a l..

1,856 Employees$41K - $29K$82K united kingdom..14%Export

the best surgical viewing..

15 Employees$49K - $1K$100K korea, republi..64%Export

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Using Kakao for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Kakao technology could be a significant asset for sales teams in their lead generation efforts. Kakao, with its diverse services including Kakao Talk, Kakao Talk Channel, Kakao Story, Kakao Pay, and others, is a unique platform adopted by many businesses to streamline their operations and engage their customers more effectively.

Understanding the shared interest in Kakao, sales teams can leverage the detailed insights presented in this list to shape compelling proposals and outreach strategies. The list serves as a pool of potential leads that have already showcased a propensity towards innovative web technologies, making them prime candidates for additional tools and services that can further enhance their business operations.

Additionally, this list offers a unique overview of how and where Kakao solutions are being implemented. This in turn provides valuable insights into prevailing trends, popular industries and typical company sizes which use Kakao, which can inform and refine the segmentation, targeting and positioning efforts of sales teams.

In summary, this list can accelerate and optimize the lead finding process, granting a head-start to sales teams by presenting a tailored selection of potential leads, along with valuable market insights. This advantage can translate into more targeted pitching, better success rates, and ultimately, increased sales.

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