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jQuery Mobile is a user interface system that is based on HTML5 and is designed to create responsive web applications and sites that are accessible on all types of devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It provides an extensive set of touch-friendly UI widgets and makes it easy to create mobile-optimized interfaces for your website or application. With jQuery Mobile, developers can easily create mobile-themed pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without having to worry about the differences in device sizes and capabilities. It also includes built-in support for AJAX navigation, which allows you to load new content dynamically without reloading the entire page. Overall, jQuery Mobile simplifies the process of creating cross-platform mobile applications by providing a unified approach to building user interfaces that work across all devices.

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276,670 companies are currently using jQuery Mobile


Biller Genie

accounts receivable - aut..

41 Employees$26K - $48K$82K united states ..69%Export

the ai-driven platform th..

46 Employees$37K - $27K$58K united states ..65%Export
Sterling Fab Tech

25 Employees$50K - $18K$81K united states ..20%Export
rePurpose Global

world's leading plastic a..

83 Employees$17K - $47K$65K united states ..1%Export

leverage the power of aut..

35 Employees$24K - $34K$60K united states ..10%Export

cameyo's virtual app deli..

20 Employees$3K - $35K$79K united states ..63%Export

we empower brands to bett..

28 Employees$31K - $32K$66K united states ..52%Export
MediView XR, Inc.

transforming surgical nav..

47 Employees$5K - $44K$61K united states ..58%Export

ngs library prep simplifi..

45 Employees$10K - $5K$93K united states ..10%Export

making the world a better..

173 Employees$20K - $5K$78K united states ..14%Export
Babylon Micro-Farms

we help people grow their..

55 Employees$7K - $23K$96K united states ..89%Export

manage your entire school..

70 Employees$5K - $11K$71K united kingdom..23%Export
Symetrix Inc.

inspired av processing & ..

54 Employees$46K - $27K$94K united states ..85%Export
Moulinot Compost & Biogaz..

tout comprendre sur la co..

70 Employees$28K - $42K$65K france46%Export

a cybersecurity saas solu..

12 Employees$11K - $49K$89K united states ..1%Export

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Using jQuery Mobile for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies that incorporate jQuery Mobile in their tech stack signals the widespread use and value of this HTML5-based user interface system. The companies listed range across industries and sizes, indicating how versatile the jQuery Mobile framework is. For sales teams, this list is a resource ripe with potential leads.

Examining this list would help sales teams identify organizations that value responsive web design and mobile-optimized apps, and leverage that understanding to craft relevant, targeted pitches. Sales professionals can further use this information to ascertain potential customers' tech infrastructure and gain insights into which solutions may be valuable to them based on their jQuery Mobile usage.

Additionally, finding companies on this list that operate in specific industries or markets of interest provides a straightforward way to narrow down prospective leads. By focusing on organizations already utilizing jQuery Mobile, sales teams can prioritize businesses likely to be interested in related products or services.

Moreover, sales teams can utilize this list to track trends and assess the popularity of jQuery Mobile across different sectors. Using this, they can better align their sales strategies and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This list of companies is an essential tool for any sales team, offering invaluable insights and a foundation to refine prospecting strategies, inching closer to the markets and leads that are most likely to convert.

Alternatives to jQuery Mobile

Thera are a total of 7 alternatives available for jQuery Mobile

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