Companies using Wink

Wink is a smart home platform that allows users to control various internet-enabled devices using a single app. It was founded in 2014 and has since become a popular choice for homeowners looking to streamline their home automation systems.

The Wink platform is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. The app can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets, and users can connect a range of devices to the platform, including lights, thermostats, security cameras, and more.

One of the standout features of Wink is its compatibility with a wide range of smart home devices from different manufacturers. This means users can mix and match products from different brands and still control them all through the Wink app. Additionally, Wink works with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control their devices using voice commands.

Wink offers various automation features, allowing users to create "robots" that automate certain tasks based on triggers like time of day, location, or sensor readings. For example, users could set up a robot to automatically turn off all the lights when they leave home, or to adjust the thermostat based on the temperature outside.

Overall, Wink offers a streamlined and user-friendly platform for controlling a range of smart home devices. Its compatibility with various devices and integration with popular voice assistants makes it a versatile option for homeowners looking to upgrade their home automation systems.

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7,572 companies are currently using Wink



merciapp permet à des mil..

46 Employees$37K - $49K$66K france60%Export

a plant powered beverage ..

14 Employees$40K - $12K$71K united states ..99%Export

we’re multiply, an indepe..

31 Employees$19K - $13K$97K united kingdom..56%Export
logo helps you..

73 Employees$7K - $35K$88K netherlands67%Export
Startup Inside

fostering organisations'​..

13 Employees$41K - $9K$99K france99%Export
Wink Strategies

agence de communication 3..

23 Employees$25K - $7K$86K canada8%Export

light up your life!

64 Employees$13K - $10K$87K italy70%Export

a company in visma | saas..

31 Employees$15K - $25K$83K netherlands84%Export
Star Health and Allied In..

india’s first standalone ..

10,842 Employees$14K - $1K$67K india9%Export

cfo as a service para sta..

27 Employees$41K - $48K$70K brazil82%Export
Twinkl Educational Publis..

we help those who teach.

1,185 Employees$24K - $32K$65K united kingdom..10%Export
GriffinWink Advertising

proudly providing tailor-..

17 Employees$30K - $38K$95K united states ..6%Export
Van Winkle Construction

achieving more together

61 Employees$7K - $44K$76K united states ..29%Export

specialist in groen & wat..

10 Employees$3K - $31K$61K netherlands62%Export

hoogwaardige voedingssupp..

39 Employees$37K - $46K$63K netherlands14%Export

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