Companies using Jive


I'm sorry, but I cannot provide a clear and accurate answer to your question as there are several technologies or services that use the name "Jive."

Jive could refer to Jive Communications, a cloud-based phone system provider that offers unified communication solutions for businesses. It could also refer to Jive Software, which was an enterprise social networking software and collaboration platform used by organizations to communicate and collaborate internally.

Without more specific information about which "Jive" you are referring to, I cannot provide a more detailed answer.

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2 companies are currently using Jive


Orange Jordan-Radio

- Employees$12K - $31K$77K -58%Export

- Employees$31K - $20K$66K united states ..44%Export

Using Jive for finding leads

The value of the list of companies using Jive is manifold. As a robust communication and collaboration software, Jive garners substantial interest from a diverse range of businesses and organizations. Therefore, a curated list of users acts as a valuable resource, providing insights into industry standards, trends, and potential clients.

Firstly, for sales teams, this list can be an effective lead prospecting tool. The diversity in the user base may present opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, or creating personalized engagement. For instance, a sales team might approach a company already using Jive with compatible or supplementary technology, thereby increasing chances for success.

Secondly, this list may indicate industry preferences and adopters for Jive. Noting patterns—like frequently listed industries or size of the companies—could prove useful in tailoring a prospecting strategy. If large multinationals are common, it may suggest that Jive is ideal for businesses needing expansive, multinational communication network solutions. This could guide the team towards similar potential leads.

Lastly, it may also uncover under-served markets. If a certain industry is notably absent, that might offer a prospect to champion Jive adoption and score a significant win. For firms offering customizable solutions or services related to Jive, these could be valuable opportunities.

Hence, this list of Jive-using companies is a strategic tool, nurturing both tactical and strategic advantages. Seen as a gateway to meaningful interactions and opportunities, it can be leveraged to fuel effective sales prospecting and drive successful business results.

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