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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java-based web application framework that simplifies the development of user interfaces for Java EE applications. It provides a component-based approach to building web applications, allowing developers to reuse code and create scalable, modular applications. JSF includes a rich set of pre-built UI components that can be easily integrated into web pages, such as input forms, tables, and charts.

JSF uses an event-driven programming model to handle user interactions with the web interface. It also supports validation and conversion of user input data, making it easier to ensure data accuracy and consistency. Additionally, JSF supports multiple view technologies including Facelets and JSP.

JSF is designed to work with other Java EE technologies such as Servlets, JSP, and EJBs, but it can also be used with non-Java EE technologies. It is supported by various IDEs and server platforms such as Eclipse, NetBeans, and Apache Tomcat. Overall, JSF is a powerful tool for developing dynamic, feature-rich web applications in Java.

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1,156 companies are currently using JavaServer Faces



staffing revolutionized

20 Employees$12K - $40K$85K united states ..46%Export

clearfield, inc. designs,..

249 Employees$14K - $24K$54K united states ..66%Export

trusted advisors since 19..

103 Employees$9K - $12K$81K united states ..83%Export
Heel España

cuidar del mantenimiento ..

65 Employees$35K - $35K$88K spain94%Export

cadena hotelera con dos h..

82 Employees$23K - $9K$83K spain15%Export

douceur et frissons des v..

56 Employees$24K - $28K$99K france89%Export
ci budros ruhlin roe

since 1979, we are a fee-..

28 Employees$29K - $34K$66K united states ..91%Export
Volleyball Bundesliga

》home of respect《 87 vere..

25 Employees$6K - $27K$51K germany44%Export
ci rgt private wealth

a profoundly different we..

49 Employees$38K - $46K$59K united states ..94%Export

alternate belgië biedt ee..

42 Employees$3K - $38K$87K belgium8%Export
ci gofen and glossberg pr..

we make client needs firs..

31 Employees$10K - $12K$62K united states ..73%Export

axel hotels positions its..

115 Employees$16K - $4K$55K spain87%Export
Forest Hill Field Club

home to an original a.w. ..

43 Employees$50K - $3K$78K united states ..98%Export

contribuyendo a la salud ..

33 Employees$17K - $41K$96K mexico88%Export
Chiappa Firearms USA, Ltd..

making history | past, pr..

15 Employees$9K - $10K$72K united states ..19%Export

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