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ipdata is a web-based geolocation API that provides information on the geographical location of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It returns JSON data in response to requests submitted by clients to its servers.

The primary use case for ipdata is to identify where website visitors are coming from. By determining the location of an IP address, websites can personalize content and services based on geographic location, such as serving up different language options or displaying local promotions. Additionally, businesses can use ipdata to prevent fraud, detect spam, and ensure compliance with regional regulations.

ipdata uses a variety of data sources to determine the location of an IP address. This includes publicly available databases, network routing information, and machine learning algorithms. Accuracy of the results can vary depending on factors such as the quality and freshness of the data sources used and the IP address being queried.

One notable feature of ipdata is its support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. IPv6 is the next generation communication protocol for the internet and has been gradually replacing IPv4. Many geolocation APIs only support IPv4 addresses, making ipdata an attractive option for businesses that want to future-proof their applications.

Overall, ipdata is a versatile and reliable tool for businesses looking to enhance their web applications with geolocation capabilities.

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631 companies are currently using ipdata



unified api to help compa..

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we invented built-in unde..

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Culture Biosciences

Cloud Bioreactors: Let's ..

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Paragon One

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Source Intelligence

trust your source.

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45 Employees$33K - $11K$66K united kingdom..79%Export
Fitmate Coach

24/7 coaching to support ..

8 Employees$8K - $48K$80K united states ..30%Export

advanced coating systems

87 Employees$18K - $28K$83K switzerland100%Export
Quten Research Institute

the maker of qunol coq10 ..

66 Employees$46K - $9K$57K united states ..96%Export

all in for pet parents.

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recruiting and training s..

7 Employees$6K - $35K$77K united states ..67%Export
GigaSpaces Technologies

gigaspaces is redefining ..

103 Employees$43K - $33K$53K israel19%Export

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Using ipdata for finding leads

The list of companies using ipdata provides a wealth of opportunity for sales teams seeking new leads. This is a collection of businesses that understand the importance of robust, location-based information in their operations, potentially reflecting a larger interest in data-driven decision-making. The value of this list cannot be overstated.

From a lead prospecting perspective, this list serves as a ready-made source of potential new clients. Recognizing that these companies actively utilize the power of IP geolocation in their business processes, products, or services suggests they may have an interest in similar, complimentary technology solutions that your sales team may offer.

For instance, companies in this list might be offering location-based services, perhaps pointing to potential opportunities for geographic targeting tools or other location-associated technologies. Furthermore, these companies could also be interested in services related to data privacy, security, or other areas of internet technology given their use of an IP geolocation API.

The sales team can successfully utilize the list for targeted outreach programs, tailoring their messaging to the specific circumstances, challenges, and opportunities these businesses may face in relation to IP geolocation. This level of customization and personalization in prospecting correspondence can enhance the potential for successful conversions, demonstrating an understanding of the prospect's business needs.

But the usefulness of the list goes beyond an inventory of potential leads. The diversity of businesses utilizing ipdata may also provide helpful insights into market trends, industry preferences, and potential growth areas. Able to identify industries and sectors that are more likely to utilize geolocation data can enable a more strategic allocation of sales resources, and lead to more targeted marketing approaches.

So, whether it's for direct lead prospecting, refining sales strategy, or detailed market intelligence, the list of companies using ipdata is an invaluable asset for sales teams seeking to optimize their outcomes.

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