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Geo Targetly is a website geo personalization software that enables businesses to customize their websites according to the user's location. It allows businesses to tailor their offerings and services based on the visitor's geographic location.

With Geo Targetly, businesses can create targeted campaigns and personalized experiences for specific regions or even countries. The software works by detecting the visitor's IP address and matches it with the corresponding geolocation data. This information can be used to trigger personalized content such as language, currency, promotions, and other relevant information.

Geo Targetly offers different tools including Geolocation Redirects, Dynamic Content, Geo Popups, and Geo Surveys. The Geolocation Redirects tool lets businesses redirect visitors to specific pages based on their location. The Dynamic Content tool allows marketers to change content based on the visitor's location. The Geo Popups tool displays location-specific pop-ups to visitors based on their location. And the Geo Surveys tool enables businesses to conduct surveys to gather location-based insights from visitors.

Overall, Geo Targetly is a powerful geo personalization software that can help businesses improve user experience, increase engagement, and boost conversions. By providing relevant and personalized content to visitors based on their location, businesses can create a more targeted approach to marketing and communication.

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157 companies are currently using Geo Targetly


Childs Farm Ltd

funbelievablykind to all ..

33 Employees$35K - $28K$78K united kingdom..25%Export

shirts designed to be wor..

413 Employees$26K - $7K$73K united states ..27%Export

🍝the famous pasta straws..

6 Employees$3K - $47K$83K united kingdom..19%Export
OYOY Living Design A/S

oyoy is for modern famili..

30 Employees$14K - $26K$80K denmark21%Export

empower women everywhere ..

6 Employees$39K - $2K$97K united kingdom..23%Export

blockhead is an effective..

14 Employees$34K - $26K$60K united kingdom..42%Export
GeoSilica Iceland

geosilica develops daily ..

4 Employees$11K - $43K$96K iceland99%Export
IDA Sports

designing soccer cleats f..

16 Employees$22K - $25K$58K australia46%Export

heating water smarter

14 Employees$47K - $32K$84K united states ..70%Export
Magnum Nutraceuticals

better ingredients. bette..

34 Employees$43K - $8K$56K canada68%Export
Plantations International..

growing your future!

86 Employees$30K - $23K$65K singapore64%Export
Eton Corporation

keeping people prepared, ..

61 Employees$33K - $3K$66K united states ..14%Export

the best bounce in the bu..

25 Employees$9K - $22K$92K finland12%Export
Black Box

trust, innovation & exper..

5,160 Employees$41K - $41K$85K united states ..3%Export
SolRx Global, Inc

the ultimate sport sunscr..

8 Employees$37K - $38K$62K united states ..50%Export

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Using Geo Targetly for finding leads

This extensive list of companies using Geo Targetly provides an invaluable resource for sales teams. It introduces a potential pool of businesses that value and utilize web geo-personalization technology. These prospective leads understand the significance of delivering personalized content based on users' geographical location, and they're likely to require services or products that complement this focus.

Sales teams can utilize this roster in numerous ways. For instance, it can guide efforts to find businesses that might benefit from their product or service if it relates to geo-personalization, location-based marketing, or website customization. Given the user's understanding of Geo Targetly, the sales team can tailor their pitches or demonstrations to highlight alignment and compatibility.

Having this list also allows for the discovery of trends and shared characteristics among the businesses. Identifying these patterns could lead to a more targeted approach in prospecting, as the sales team will have a clearer picture of which businesses are likely to use or need a service like Geo Targetly.

Furthermore, the existence of the list suggests an ongoing market for Geo Targetly and similar web technologies. It's a signpost towards the expanding field of geo-targeted services and solutions. Thus, if a sales team's offering falls into this domain, the presence of a ready market ready to engage with geo-personalization tools can be inferred.

In addition to prospecting, the roster can assist in competitive analysis. Understanding who else is operating in this web geo-personalization sector, either as a user or a provider, can help the sales team identify their unique selling points and how they can differentiate themselves.

In conclusion, this list is a potent tool, offering the dual benefits of prospects identification and market analysis. Easily accessible, this index is ready to fuel a company's sales strategy, directing their focus towards a promising and technology-driven clientele.

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