Companies using ip-api


`ip-api` is a web service that provides geolocation data for IP addresses. It allows users to retrieve information such as the country, city, region, and latitude/longitude coordinates associated with a given IP address. The service also provides data on internet service providers (ISPs) and organization names associated with IP addresses. Users can make requests to the `ip-api` service via HTTP or HTTPS protocols and receive JSON formatted responses. This service can be useful for websites that need to tailor content or display location-specific information based on the user’s geo-location. Additionally, it can be used for security purposes to block traffic from certain countries or regions.

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4,094 companies are currently using ip-api


Ecologi | B Corp™

simple and impactful clim..

104 Employees$40K - $37K$60K united kingdom..45%Export

just #quickllyit

32 Employees$41K - $10K$99K united states ..91%Export

contract review and data ..

17 Employees$48K - $36K$61K united states ..46%Export
Tandem - Language Exchang..

speak any language

49 Employees$4K - $5K$66K germany36%Export
BaubleBar Inc.

embellish every day

122 Employees$5K - $17K$61K united states ..56%Export

footwear for the island l..

162 Employees$7K - $37K$65K united states ..94%Export
Horizn Studios

let’s go. further.

52 Employees$48K - $9K$53K germany64%Export
Bird & Blend Tea Co. B Co..

☕ on a mission to spread ..

95 Employees$4K - $49K$65K united kingdom..16%Export

rifornisci il tuo ristora..

55 Employees$16K - $37K$68K italy96%Export

clothing that fits every ..

77 Employees$2K - $2K$93K united kingdom..48%Export

pure plant power. *we're ..

10 Employees$39K - $48K$66K united kingdom..81%Export

marketplace para la contr..

70 Employees$14K - $4K$54K spain81%Export
Garrett Leight California..

glco expresses the califo..

74 Employees$41K - $48K$72K united states ..49%Export

connecting local restaura..

2,829 Employees$9K - $36K$93K united states ..93%Export
Peak Design

makers of radical gear. c..

110 Employees$48K - $29K$64K united states ..72%Export

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Using ip-api for finding leads

The list of companies using ip-api provides a wealth of opportunities for sales teams in their lead prospecting. Through ip-api, these companies demonstrate a need to track, assess, and manage IP addresses, a requirement synonymous with industries that place high emphasis on geographic information for their services or products. It thus helps to pinpoint businesses that can benefit from offers involving region-targeted strategies, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

The value of this list comes from understanding the usage patterns and needs associated with ip-api. The listed companies may deal with applications like geolocation, IP tracking, digital marketing or e-commerce, where the location information of clients plays a critical role. This insight gives an upper hand to sales teams offering services or products related to these areas. In addition, the use of ip-api often indicates a larger scale of operation, filtering out prospective entities that are likely to have substantial budgets.

For a sales team, the list serves multiple purposes. It acts as a pre-qualified collective of potential leads who are proven to value data-driven strategies. Furthermore, the list can streamline the process of identifying growth niches or industries that are yet untapped by the competition.

Additionally, knowing which companies use ip-api provides the ability to create tailored outreach strategies. A business that uses ip-api is likely dealing with certain challenges inherent to IP address management and geolocation services. By understanding these challenges, sales professionals can craft personalized pitches, proposing solutions for complex issues faced by these companies, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Whether seeking to expand market share, increase sales or identifying new opportunities, having a list of companies that use ip-api is truly a beneficial tool for every sales team. It's not just a list, it's a strategic roadmap for realizing revenue growth.

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