Companies using HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is a revised version of the HTTP network protocol that is primarily used by the World Wide Web. It was designed to address the limitations of HTTP/1.1, which was the previous version of the protocol. HTTP/2 offers faster page loading times, more efficient use of server resources and improved security. One of the key features of HTTP/2 is its ability to multiplex multiple requests over a single connection, allowing for faster data transfer between servers and clients. Additionally, it enables server push, which allows the server to send additional content to the client before it is requested. This means that web pages can be loaded more quickly, as the required resources are already available on the client side. Overall, HTTP/2 provides an enhanced user experience through faster load times and better performance.

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1,379 companies are currently using HTTP/2



62 Employees$35K - $33K$56K italy35%Export
Evolution Home Improvemen..

we design and manufacture..

13 Employees$1K - $44K$79K united kingdom..39%Export

8 Employees$47K - $15K$93K united kingdom..86%Export
Nukkad Shops

creating the largest entr..

88 Employees$14K - $50K$62K india20%Export
Ringway Jacobs

we are ringway jacobs, a ..

526 Employees$28K - $33K$91K united kingdom..4%Export

digital web design agency..

9 Employees$18K - $47K$94K united kingdom..59%Export
Grupo Prime

nossa especialidade é cri..

130 Employees$45K - $36K$68K brazil13%Export
National Industrial Corri..

india reimagined !

67 Employees$30K - $25K$97K india95%Export
Bureau of Energy Efficien..

government of india set u..

53 Employees$25K - $49K$94K india45%Export

5 Employees$10K - $22K$97K united states ..35%Export
Integrated Automation Ltd..

leaders in providing worl..

12 Employees$1K - $13K$68K new zealand39%Export

15 Employees$38K - $35K$51K japan90%Export
National Disaster Managem..

191 Employees$8K - $27K$61K india25%Export
Online Communications

online are experts in tec..

34 Employees$6K - $20K$69K new zealand6%Export
JNPA- Jawaharlal Nehru Po..

india's best performing p..

394 Employees$6K - $7K$71K india53%Export

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Using HTTP/2 for finding leads

The list of companies deploying HTTP/2 can serve as a treasure trove for sales teams intending to secure new leads. These businesses, focused on speed, efficiency, and performance in their web operations, have shown a readiness to embrace improvements and are likely to be open to exploring cutting-edge solutions.

In an environment increasingly reliant on web-based operations, companies investing in HTTP/2 have recognized the need for more robust, dynamic, and faster techniques to deliver content. Such forward-thinking approach indicates their willingness to consider opportunities for boosting performance further or integrating complementary technologies. For sales teams offering products or services that align with these ambitions, this can make for a highly targeted, ripe audience.

Moreover, identifying trends in HTTP/2 adoption can grant a deeper understanding of specific industries or markets and their receptivity towards new web technologies. Profiling these companies will help curate sales tactics and propositions while customizing messages based on the industry's needs and environment.

Additionally, the breakdown of small, mid, and large-sized businesses in this list can serve in forming effective sales strategies. A focus on larger corporations may result in bigger deals, albeit potentially lengthier sales cycles. Small businesses, on the other hand, might present more readily actionable leads, given their agile decision-making.

In short, pinpointing potential leads among companies using HTTP/2 can facilitate skillful sales prospecting. It provides a ready platform for engagement by identifying a technology-savvy, proactive audience receptive to advanced or supplementary offerings, opening up opportunities for sales teams to dive right into convincing sales pitches.

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